NXT 25/01/2012 In A Nut Shell

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NXT 25/01/2012 In A Nut Shell Empty NXT 25/01/2012 In A Nut Shell

Post by Single H on Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:14 am

After watching this episode I'm pretty convinced that season 5 will never end. They've started up yet another fued, which means we've got to wait even longer for the finale. I'm beginning to wonder if they even class this as a competition anymore. Maybe it's just a normal show, as I've suggested before. I know they've fucked this season up to the point of no return by making it too long. They've kept the season going for this long, they have no real reason to suddenly end it now and I doubt they will.


First of all, here are the results from the show's matches:

The Usos def. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins
Heath Slater def. Trent Baretta
Titus O'Neil def. Percy Watson.

And now other stuff that happened during the show. Now usually, stuff does happen between matches on NXT, but on this episode there was very little of that, so excuse the fact that this is kind of empty. Anyway, Titus O'Niel started the show off by coming out and doing another heel promo. While it was a better sounding promo than his previous one, it still wasn't great, and I still have no idea why they decided to turn Titus heel. Of all the people on the roster of NXT, they chose to turn their main babyface, one of the most popular people on NXT heel. It's not getting over with the fans and with good reason. I think this is all an attempt to get Percy Watson over, now that I think about it, but then why would they have Watson lose the match in the main event. That's evidence that they're going to be feuding for a long time, and the season is going to be dragged out for a longer time. Great.

I'm surprised that they actually had Heath Slater win a match, correct me if I'm wrong but this hasn't happened in a long time. Although he was facing NXT's resident jobber, Trent Baretta so I guess WWE had to pick one of them, right? I doubt this victory for Heath is going to lead him into a brighter future, but who knows. Maybe it's the start of something. It's unlikely, but maybe.

NXT 25/01/2012 In A Nut Shell Heath_Slater_Wendy__s_Poster_by_NikoMardones

The wedding storyline has come to an end, I am sure of it. At least I hope it has... There was an interview segment with Johnny Curtis where Maxine came down to the ring and knee'd him in the ballsack. So that relationship is at an end, I can't see where the feud can be going anywhere further, so it might be over. Good.

During the main event, Alex Riley came and interfered. I guess this means he is going to be involved in the feud between Titus and Percy, although I really don't see why. I suppose it's just an excuse to give Riley a purpose, because let's face it, the push that was supposed to make him into a star was an amazing flop and he is pretty much condemned to a career on NXT or Superstars until he gets into another feud with someone like The Miz. In that sense, this isn't the way forward for Riley and it's only going to get in the way of Percy/Titus. Mistake.

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