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Raw 6/2/12 In A Nut Shell Empty Raw 6/2/12 In A Nut Shell

Post by Single H on Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:05 am

The one thing good I can think of this episode was the feud between Punk and Jericho officially starting. I can definitely say I'm behind Jericho on the storyline, but it's obvious he's not going to be the WWE Champion. WWE wouldn't want their current top star losing to their previous top star. They're trying to keep Punk over, so a win at Mania will more than likely get him over to Cena status, that's what I see happening anyway. If WWE decide to give Jericho another victory at Wrestlemania, I'll be super happy, but I doubt it'll happen, just saying.


First of all, here are the results from the show:

Big Show def. World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan
Sheamus def. David Otunga
The Great Khali & Randy Orton def. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett
Kelly Kelly, Eve, Alicia Fox and Tamina def. Beth Phoenix, Natalya and The Bella Twins
Chris Jericho def. WWE Champion CM Punk, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, The Miz & Dolph Ziggler

Triple H came out and started talking about the Undertaker, he basically said that last year, he beat the Undertaker so badly his career almost ended, and if he was to face Taker again this year, he'd probably end him, he said he didn't want to be the man to do that, so he won't face Undertaker at Wrestlemania. A promo video flashed onto the screen showing Undertaker saying "Give me what I want, vengeance." We all know this match is going to happen, but this reminds me of the storyline with HBK just before he retired at Wrestlemania 26, he was dead set on facing Undertaker, he lost and retired. I see this happening with Undertaker this year, he's desperate to get a match with HHH, maybe it'll be a career threatening match and Undertaker will retire. Will we see the end of the streak this year? In my eyes it's a definite possibility.

Big Show vs Daniel Bryan is getting old now. It was never good to begin with, nothing with Big Show ever is, but now it's like covering a piece of shit in some piss, it's not gonna make it any better. I say they should just abandon this feud, but alas, it appears it's going to be going on for even longer as Bryan got AJ back out to ringside for their match, tried to get Big Show to run into her again and then pretended to be all mad and took her backstage to protect her. Gee whiz, what an asshole Brian Danielson is.

A lot of people give David Otunga a hard time, but I think with some work on his in-ring skills, he could be good. I actually kind of liked his promo this week which proved me wrong about his new law school gimmick being a shameless fail. He came out with his little bow-tie and encouraged the entire crowd to pray, yes PRAY, that John Laurinaitis doesn't get fired. This made me chuckle a little, he's moved up my hate list a little bit.

Raw 6/2/12 In A Nut Shell Bio-davidotunga-lawyer

Shawn Michaels will be making an appearance on next week's Raw. I'm actually not completely sure why... They probably just have a badly booked show lined up and need HBK to boost the ratings up a little bit. I doubt anything good will actually happen, usually when he "returns" he just goes into the ring, talks about a load of bullshit and then superkicks a current member of the WWE roster who comes down to the ring and begins insulting him for no reason, all of this while the fans scream "One more match" at him. In my opinion, they should just keep Shawn the hell away from WWE shows from now on. The man is retired, he's not going to be in any more matches so why bring him onto the show? People don't want to see him speak for 2 minutes then hit a single Superkick.

Chris Jericho finally did a promo! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! He came out and said that he was sick and tired of the wrestlers in the back copying him, he stated that they are all wannabe's of him and that he has come back to take back what is his. He especially targeted CM Punk (Hmm, I wonder why), and said that he was the biggest wannabe of them all. It should also be noted that Jericho said the following during the promo: "I trolled all of you, that was the highlight of the entire segment for me and it just goes to show how epic Jericho really is. CM Punk interrupted him and came down to the ring, though he didn't say anything, he simply dropped the mic and held up his championship. Punk was also wearing a new t-shirt which is a total piece'a shit compared to the old one.

Jericho also won the six pack challenge main event meaning he will be the last entrant into the Elimination Chamber match. During the match, R-Truth injured himself after botching a move, so who knows whether he'll be in the chamber match? It's irrelevant anyway, nobody expects him to win, because he 100% definitely will not. As a matter of fact, if Truth wins the chamber match, I'll film myself eating a glove. You have my word on that too.

Raw 6/2/12 In A Nut Shell Aramidkevlarfiberprotectiveglove_78941

Final thing, Laurinaitis is NOT fired as the GM of Raw. Go figure, you can read the article about it here:


Note: Yeah, I know I missed out Smackdown, I watched it late and there's no other excuse than I couldn't be bothered to post it. Nothing good happened that episode anyway, if you must know who will be in the Chamber match for Smackdown, it's: Daniel Bryan, The Great Khali, Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes and... *sigh*... The Big Show.

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