Caw Contract Template

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Caw Contract Template

Post by Single H on Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:20 pm

Copy the following code into your own topic and fill it out. If you can't decipher it then y'know just gtfo. This site is not for you.

[center][b][color=white][size=20][font=Trebuchet MS]EWE OFFICIAL CONTRACT[/color][/b][/size]

[img](Place your caw's pic base image)[/img][hr]

(Place name here.)

[u]Pic base Name:[/u]
(Place pic base name here.)


(Place height here.)

(Place weight here.)

[u]Entrance theme:[/u]
(Link entrance theme here.)

(Place finisher(s) here.)

[u]Common moves:[/u]
(List common moves here.)

[u]Gimmick description:[/u]
(Describe character's gimmick here.)[hr][/color]

Your name:
Your email:
Your home address:
Your bank account number:
And Sort code:[/i][/color][/center][/font]
Single H
Single H
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