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Show Template Suggestion

Post by Blackout on Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:14 am

This is my attempt at tweaking the current short results show template. I'm not suggesting we use EVERY RP, just maybe two or three that'd work in certain parts of the show. Obviously, this can be tweaked. Anyway, here goes:

XPLOSION TRON GOES HERE. (Yeah, we're gonna have one.)

The first show of this new era of Extreme Wrestling Empire took place in it's arena-of-birth, the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California. In the front row were none other than three EWE legends, Christian, John Morrison and Matt Hardy...Just letting you all know 'bout that.


Match #1 - Cody Rhodes vs. Single H
Anyway, the first match of the night was Cody Rhodes vs Single H, earlier turned into a Tables Match for the Legends Championship by the new General Manager, Edge. Rhodes jumped Single H as he was making his entrance, giving him the early advantage. Single H was able to recover and fight back, showing a lot of heart. The match was a back and forth bout where control of the match shifted throughout. After delivering not one but two Cross-Rhodes during the match, Cody Rhodes managed to outlast Single H after putting him through a table at ringside with a Back Body Drop from inside the ring. As Rhodes celebrated his victory in the ring, he was blindsided by a masked and hooded assailant with a baseball bat, and put through a cornered table with a Dinero Express by the hidden man. Could it be?

Winner: Cody Rhodes (New EWE Legends Champion)


Match #2 - Chris Jericho & Kane vs. The Highlanders
On the second match of the night we saw Chris Jericho toying with the crowd, hyping the fans up for his tag in as Kane was completely burying the Highlanders. As Y2J was tagged in, he entered the ring, Irish Whipped Rory McAllister onto a corner, tagged out and walked up the ramp with a shit-eating grin, making the crowd furious. It didn't take long until Kane Double-Chokeslammed the Highlanders for the victory. After the match, as Kane paced around the ring, he noticed Robbie getting to his feet with the aid of the ropes. The Big Red Machine gave the Scotsman another chokeslam for his trouble, putting an exclamation point on his victory, before leaving the ring and heading to the back.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Kane

RP OR COMMERCIAL BREAK. (Preferably a comedic video... eg: Shake-weight.)

Justin Roberts came out to invite Matt Hardy to the ring by request of Christian and John Morrison, who hopped into the squared circle with the first. Christian and JoMo then congratulated Matt and popped a champagne bottle for him being sober for the last five minutes. After he drunk the glass of champagne, JoMo and Christian pretended to be pissed at him and said "You blew it!", "You were gonna make it", et cetera.

Match #3 - Blackout vs. Drew McIntyre
The Main Event of the night saw Blackout battle it out with Drew McIntyre. It was no piece of pie as opposed to what the Sadistic Artist expected, and there were times where you would think McIntyre would win that thing, but the world saw otherwise as Blackout pinned the Scotsman for the 1, 2, 3, with a Black Resolution. After the match, Jericho stepped out onto the ramp to a lot of heat from the crowd. While Blackout was distracted, Drew recovered and levelled him with the Future Shock DDT, leaving a smirking Jericho on the ramp to end the show.

Winner: Blackout

Bob Buckland made an outstanding job as the referee for all the matches, and Michael Cole was a piece of shit at commentary. Nothing changed. Come back next week for our first show at the Madison Square Garden since the Exodus debut.

tl;dr results
* Cody Rhodes def. Single H to become the new EWE Legends Champion
* Chris Jericho & Kane def. The Highlanders
* Blackout def. Drew McIntyre
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Re: Show Template Suggestion

Post by Chris Jericho on Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:19 am

Suggestion taken under advisement.

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