Smackdown 6/4/12 In A Nut Shell

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Smackdown 6/4/12 In A Nut Shell

Post by Single H on Mon Apr 09, 2012 2:23 am

So this was the first episode of Smackdown where John Laurinaitis was in charge of the show. Now obviously this show was going to be full of John trying to get heat from the fans by being a son of a bitch and making loads of unfair matches. This is great and all but it's not really something I'm that keen on seeing, and I was happy to find that they didn't go too over the top with the "Johnny is a prick" thing.



David Otunga & Mark Henry def. R-Truth
Randy Orton def. Kane
Ryback def. Barry Stevens
Big Show def. Heath Slater
Nikki Bella def. Beth Phoenix
Alberto Del Rio def. Sheamus

The show opened with John Laurinaitis coming down to the ring with new music and all that lovely shit, accompanied by the guy that seems to be getting somewhat of a push - David Otunga. Johnny goes on about how it's now the People Power era, etc, then tells Teddy Long to come down to the ring so he can thank Teddy for all his years service to Smackdown. Teddy, who was coincidentally backstage at the show despite not working for WWE anymore, came out immediately and told Johnny to go to hell. Johnny then continues to say that he is offering Teddy a job on Smackdown, and he must accept it because if he doesn't, Teddy's grand children won't be able to go to college. Teddy accepts the job (whatever it is) and leaves the building.

The Wrestlemania rematch. I told you all. I told you that the feud would continue and eventually Kane would be buried by Orton like everyone else. I knew that when Kane beat Orton at Mania, I had to savour the moment, because it was only a matter of time before they faced off again and Kane's momentum got stopped dead in it's tracks, and that's exactly what happened on Smackdown. Orton won, and now the feud will probably continue over into Extreme Rules. Maybe Kane will bounce back and have the last laugh, but to be honest, I doubt that'll happen. He's feuding with Orton, they might as well just take the mask away from him again.

Ok, this one's pretty interesting. Skip Sheffield is back under a completely new gimmick and name. He goes by the name of 'Ryback' now and he was put in a squash match against some random jobber with a speech impediment. It should also be noted that WWE buried this jobber more than they do for most jobbers. They had this one speak, and say how the crowd was rude, and they kept having the camera divert to the backstage area where a mixture of different WWE guys were laughing at him having the shit kicked out of him. I guess Barry Stevens isn't getting a job in WWE.

Brian Danielson came out and blamed AJ for what happened at Wrestlemania, and as a result, he broke up with her and screamed at her to gtfo. Ok, he didn't literally say gtfo but they were words to that effect. AJ was crying and stuff while Danielson stood there with his back turned like an asshole. He also got the fans to stop chanting "YES!" by saying they're actually mocking him and if they actually supported him they wouldn't have chanted it during the Rock's promo. Not sure if this was a good move on Brian's part, after all he is a heel and so shouldn't have fans chanting for him or anything, but I for one felt that the chants were a sign that he was finally getting over, I'll just wait and see what happens.

Alberto Del Rio beat Sheamus by disqualification, I actually don't even know what happened in this match because I wasn't paying much attention, but whatever. Nothing important happened anyway. I can't help but remember that there was some kind of stipulation attached to this match, maybe now that ADR has a victory over Sheamus, he gets a title shot... Yeah, I think that was it.

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