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Edge's Announcements

Post by Edge on Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:45 pm


The crowd cheers! Wearing a suit and sunglasses walks out EWE XPlosion's new General Manager, Edge, and he makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring, doing his usual entrance, warming up the crowd. He then hops on to his feet and his thrown a mic from ringside which he catches with style as his theme music dies down.

How're we doing tonight, Garden?

The New York fans cheer as Edge shows a smile on his face.

Well I just had to come out here tonight to tell you people about a little something your Awesome General Manager has cooked up for the Pay-Per-View event on May 6th...You see...Tonight at the Tag Team Main Event match, we're gonna see the wussy that hides under a mask and blindsides people team up with Drew McIntyre to fend off against two EWE Legends, Chris Jericho and Blackout...You see...the winners of this said Tag Team Match will Main Event Adrenaline in a thirty-minute Ironman Match for the World Wrestling Championship.

The crowd goes wild!!!

Calm down...calm down. And until then, the said wrestlers will be in the ring with each other every single week leading up to their final bout... This week in a Tag Team Match, next week they will be in the corner of their choice of opponent for the other when we see two "Pick Your Poison" matches between Chris Jericho and ANY opponent of Blackout's choosing, as well as Blackout verse ANY opponent of Chris's choosing.

The crowd cheers even louder!!

And on the last XPlosion before the Pay-Per-View, April 28th, we will see the contract signing for their Ironman Match at EWE: Adrenaline...The crowd cheers! Now to address another situation. The winner of tonight's Triple Threat will face none other than both the losers of tonight's Tag Team Match in a Legends Championship Triple Threat Hardcore Match! Until then, the Legends Champ will be kept under protection by none other than the security I personally made sure to hire for him, the A...P...A.

The crowd cheers and start an "APA! APA!" chant.

We will also see a Battle Royal involving ALL of EWE's wrestlers, and the final two last men standing will be declared the new EWE World Tag Team Champions!

The crowd is going insane with every word Edge says! They start a "Holy shit!" chant.

I take your "holy shit"s as thank you Edge for being the best and cutest General Manager in EWE XPlosion history, you're welcome friends.

The scene fades out as Edge taunts.
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