Strict Training Regiment

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Strict Training Regiment

Post by Bobby Lashley on Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:49 am

The scene opens to Bobby Lashley and his training staff standing in a spacey gym. There are a few blue impact mats leaning against the beige, tiled walls, and a ring in the middle of it all. The ring is of official size, and the ropes are taught. Lashley and his staff are standing around in a circle, discussing his upcoming match. A man in a "Team Lashley" shirt is the first to speak.

Guy Number 1
It's not that we don't know what you're capable of, we've all seen it but it's been a while. It couldn't hurt to do some in ring training.

Lashley replies, seemingly un-amused.

Bobby Lashley
For the tenth time Jim, I understand that. I have no problem doing in ring training, I truly don't, but look around for a minute. Who do you see here that's going to be able to replicated Shelton Benjamin's style? Y'all are the scrawniest, most nonathletic group of people I've ever been associated with. I'd have the same effect from fighting a punching bag. Not to mention, none of you can even replicate any of his moves.

Guy number 1, now known simply as "Jim" replies with a smirk.

That's why we have,
he pats the man next to him on the back hard Dan.

Dan looks up with a shocked look on his face as Lashley looks into Jim's eye's confused.

What? Jim I-

Jim cuts him off before he can make his plea.

Yup, Dan here actually went to The House of Truth for a year, he learned everything he needed to there. Believe me, this guy can fly.

Jim looks over at Dan with intimidating eyes, signalling him to keep his mouth shut. Lashley, still confused, slowly shifts his eyes from Jim to Dan.

Bobby Lashley
Is that true Dan?

Dan looks panicked, and begins to breathe heavily. He discretely looks over to Jim who is nodding his head swiftly, then back over to Lashley. He answers reluctantly.


He looks down at the ground, now in fear of the inevitable beating he was soon to take. Jim jumps in before anybody else can say something.

Alright then it's settled! Dan, go to the back and get changed. Bobby, lets go to the ring so we can discuss what's about to happen here.

The scene fades to black, and then re-emerges. Lashley is standing in the ring with his usual ring gear, his eyes full of intensity. Across from him stands Dan, now wearing wrestling tights and a shirt that reads "I <3 Being Dominated." A look of fear can clearly be seen on his face as he stares over at immediate danger. The silence is broken once again by Jim.

Alright so Shelton Benjamin is known for being the total package. He can do technical wrestling with the best of them, but more importantly, he's a great high flyer. That's what we're going to focus on here today. Dan, I want you to go to the apron, and attempt a springboard clothesline. Bobby, get ready.

Jim, that's stupid. If he knows I'm going to do it, then he-

Jim cuts him off.

Enough talking! Get on the apron, let's go!

Dan reluctantly, and very slowly walks to the ropes. He climbs to the apron between the top and middle rope, and prepares himself there. Lashley maintains a blank stare.

Alright, you guy's ready?
He looks over at Lashley, then at Dan. Go!

Dan attempts to jump onto the top rope and springboard, but loses his balance and trips forward. He lands face first on the mat, and his neck contorts in a way that is un-natural for the human body. Lashley looks down at him as he lies motionless on the canvas.

What are you doing? Cover him!

Lashley runs over to Dan, rolls him over, and lays on him for the pin. Jim slides into the ring and counts.




Lashley gets to his feet and Jim raises his arm into the air. There is a great deal of pride in Lashley's face as Jim hops up and down celebrating the victory. He looks over at Lashley.

You did it, you're ready for your match! All this hard work is going to pay off, I promise.

Both of them smile as Lashley holds both arms in the air in victory. The scene fades to black.
Bobby Lashley
Bobby Lashley
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