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A medium sized man, quite the bit of muscle, walks through the backstage area of FW. He sports a dark buzz cut, although it seems rather messily cut. He has a cigarette in his mouth, puffing it as he walks along. In his left hand he has a rucksack, full of his kit he plans on bringing to FW. However, the one thing that was more noticeable about him than anything else was his metal leg. Instead of a right leg, he seemed to be walking on a thick metal bar, attached to an iron stump at the bottom. This causes everyone to gaze at him as he walks in. Some laughed, some pointed, did this man care? No, to hell with caring what anyone else thought about him.

This man’s name is Hugh Jass, and he isn’t scared of no son of a bitch. They can be twice the size of him, that won’t stop him from getting in their face if he wants to. He fought on the frontline in Afghanistan, that’s where his great lack of fear has sprouted from. However, whilst there, he was hit with a bomb, causing the loss of his right leg. He hasn’t let this disability stop him from doing what he loves though, fighting. In fact, if anything, it’s made him more determined. He comes to a table, and lays his rucksack down on it. He zip’s it open, and reaches in to get something. Ace Maddox smiles and approaches him.

If you’re pulling out some leaflets for the Paralympics, save your time, you’re the only cripple in this room.

Hugh smiles and pulls is hand out of the bag, which now sports brass knuckles. Maddox’s eyes open wide, and he backs up. Jass grins to himself.

The Fearless - Hugh Jass
I saw the fear in your eyes just then, you saw when I brought out those brass knuckles and it instantly made you regret what you just said to me. That’s what fear does to people. But after risking my life on the frontlines in Afghanistan for two years, fear doesn’t affect me.

Hugh slips the brass knuckles back in his bag, and instead pulls out a pack of cigarettes. He pulls out the one he has in his mouth and put’s it out with his hand. He cringes a little, but it doesn’t seem to affect him, he then throw’s it in the bin. Maddox is quite shocked, Hugh sees this and laughs.

The Fearless - Hugh Jass
I’ve already lost my leg, a little mark on my palm pales in comparison to that.

He offers a cig to Maddox.

The Fearless - Hugh Jass
You want one?

Maddox declines and Hugh shrugs.

The Fearless – Hugh Jass
Suit yourself then. Oh and by the way, the brass knuckles were just to prove my point, I knew a son of a bitch like you would come along and make a cocky remark. Trust me, if I wanted to hit you, I wouldn’t have done it with a weapon. That’s what cowards do, I ain’t no coward, when I want to hit someone I do it with my bare fist.

Hugh puts another cig in his mouth.

The Fearless – Hugh Jass
Like this.

Hugh swings and punches Maddox in the face, blood flies from his nose as he falls back and hits his head on the table. Maddox lays on the floor, almost unconscious. Hugh smiles, and lights the cigarette, before blowing smoke on Maddox. He bends down to Maddox’s level.

The Fearless – Hugh Jass
Next time you make a joke about me, I won’t pull back my punch.

Hugh stands back up again and smirks, before flicking his cigarette down on Maddox. He feels the cigarette burn his skin and squirms to get it off him. He looks up and see’s Hugh walking away with his rucksack flung over his shoulder, and a smirk glued to his face.



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