Jacob Wolfe's Contract

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Jacob Wolfe's Contract

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:48 am

DATE: 1/3/12


Superstar Real Name
Johnathan Smith

Superstar Ring Name
Jacob Wolfe

Superstar Appearance

Ryan Reynolds w/Beard and Without


Superstar Billed Location
Stone Mountain, Georgia

Superstar Billed Height and Weight
6'2 , 226 ib

Entrance Theme


Style Of Wrestling
Brawler, Technical, High-Flying , Submission

Ten Common Moves

  • (European Uppercutt)
  • (Suicide Dive)
  • (Alabama Slam)
  • (Falcon Arrow)
  • (Suicide Solution)
  • (Modified Canadian Trip)
  • (Enzuigiri)
  • (German Suplex)
  • (Crippler Crossface)
  • (Lionsault)
  • (Big Boot)
  • (surfboard stretch - Submission)
  • (Springboard dropkick)
  • (Springboard Flying forearm smash)
  • (Van Daminator)

Signature Moves
  • (Beatifull Disaster)
  • (Superkick)
  • (Springboard DDT)

  • (Springboard 450 Splash)
  • (Camel Clutch - (Submission)

A In-Ring Veteran , A Color Commentator for PWD

[center]Jacob Wolfe is seen in his locker room lacing up his boots, and preparing for the main event.
"The Wildcard"
Jacob Wolfe
So ... after i win my first match in A.W.O with my partner Ashten Cross ... the GM decides to put me in the ring with 8 other guys to determine the 3 finalist that will compete at Phenominon for the A.W.O World Championship... you see i have experience holding titles , as you may know that i won 6 Intercontinental Championships in WWE , 2 United States championship , and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. So this won't be a challenge for me because i know for a fact that i will be one of the remaining people in that battle royal and i will also win at Phenominon.
"He stops and looks at the booing fans in the arena"
I can tell you who is going to be in the final 3. You can take out those losers from the Hate Club ...that i beat last week
"He smiles then continues"
you can also take out that idiot ...Jeremy Baltimore and Aidan so that leaves Dom , London , Phil , LeMures , and yours trully me. You see i am going to be honest ... you all know i am going to win but who will i face? i will tell you who Michael London and Dom Jerard. they have the best chances of winning unlike that ass-kisser Phil that always is in the main event even if he is terrible in the ring and a Potato has more charistma then him thats how bad and boring he is. LeMures that freak will never be sucsesfull here because i said so. Michael London my long time friend from the indie days ... so talented but everyone knows he thinks hes the best and puts him self first ... and he dared to say that he is more sucsesfull than me
"He Smiles at the remark of him being better than Wolfe"
... and Last but not least Dom Jerard ... you know hes going to go far in this bussiness but he wont be better than me because no one can match or overcome what i do in this ring. But enough talk about these no talented losers i want to talk about my win last week and about that Filfty "Redneck" Reed Zimmer ... you see Reed we have never meet in the ring and i have seen you in S.W.E your winning streak? remeber that ... but this is A.W.O and that streak does not mean a damn because Tonight you are going to lose to Ashten Cross the man you hit with a Beer Bottle then ran away ... how much of a caward anre you Reed? i think you ran away because you know that i could beat your ass ... but tonight i won't be able to do that my Partner will and after he beats you ... when you are in the middle of the ring , i will run to the ring and Deliver a Springboard 450 splash on your Redneck ass .
"He tells the camera crew to get out of his locker room... then the screen fades away"
"The Crowd Laughs"


Your Name
Marcos , Marc , Svrcount99 , Vic , n00b , Taz


E-Mail (Optional)

How Did You Find PWD?
This Bad ass guy named joey showed me

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Re: Jacob Wolfe's Contract

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:13 am

I'mma say yes because you called meh Badass.



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Re: Jacob Wolfe's Contract

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Re: Jacob Wolfe's Contract

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:30 am


Entrance Music , Pic Base ....


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Re: Jacob Wolfe's Contract

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:22 pm

Updated Bio and Heel/Tweener /Face Status ...

Joehh for my Color Commentator job here i want to be like CM Punks commentary when he was doing the job you know something like that?

Like he goes for Heel and Faces and talks about how they adopted that move from him etc ...
and he loves to talk about when he was in the ring BTW ...


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Re: Jacob Wolfe's Contract

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