Cole Scorpio

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Cole Scorpio

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Superstar Real Name
John Cullihan

Superstar Ring Name
Cole Scorpio

Superstar Appearance

Superstar Billed Location
Detroit, Michigan

Superstar Billed Weight
221 lbs

Entrance Theme


Style Of Wrestling
Strong Style with a lot of submission skill

Ten Common Moves
Belly to Belly, Gutwrench, German, arm-twist standing leg lariat, rope-assisted flip dive to the outside, crossface, diving headbutt, roundhouse kick, dropkick, spinebuster

Signature Moves
Shooting Star DDT (shooting star press to a standing opponent, where I grab the guys head and give him a ddt), Scorpio Superkick, Suplex combo (2 belly to bellys, then a german)

Powerbomb Facebuster, Scorpio Lock (edgecator with a one-armed crossface applied)

Born to the streets of Detroit, the man who would come to be known as Cole Scorpio had to fight every day of his life for 19 years. He learned how to use every weapon imaginable, from old broken steel chairs on the side of the road to tables set up in soup kitchens to stop signs pulled out of the sidewalk. But one day, he got his lucky break. Stu Hart was holding open tryouts to join the Hart Family Dungeon, and the man who would be Scorpio won. There he learned almost everything he knows, and now uses in the ring. But it wasn't enough to know. He had to do. So he went to EHDW, won their world title, and became the star of the show. But then he got hurt. He got hurt, real bad. He pretended to be leaving the company, though he eventually returned for commentary. Right before the company's death he was healthy enough to return (and even got an EWF title shot!) but left as soon as the ship started to sink. Now he's here, and going to win the PWD title.

the final EHDW promo from Cole Scorpio
*The director cuts to the hard camera. It zooms in on Cole Scorpio in the ring*

No theatrics. No music. No pyro. No driving to the ring. No yellow words.

I'm here to make a statement, not to whore myself out like everyone else here does. I don't need any of it to be the best member of EWF, the best member of EHDW, and the best of any federation on the planet. I am the only person who can make that claim. My message is a simple one.

I am walking out of Breakdown as EWF champion.

My guts are all messed up from Cody and Sean's attacks over the last few weeks, I'm barely cleared to wrestle, and I'm still better than anybody on any roster in any federation. I'm facing what some would consider a "best in the business" for the EWF title at Breakdown, and they're not even in my league.

You can beat me up. You can kick my ass. You can hit me with a chair. You can do all that until my head is nothing but a bloody stump, and I'm still walking out as champion.

That's why this is the day I make my challenge. I want to prove that I'm definitively the best in the business. I want to be the Undisputed EHDW champion. And once I've accomplished that goal... I'm not even close to being done. I have big plans.

*Cole drops the microphone and walks to the ropes. He doesn't limp, the only hint of pain being a slight twitch in his eye*


Your Name


How Did You Find PWD?
EHDW died


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Re: Cole Scorpio

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I just need to know the name of the pic base, bro.



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Re: Cole Scorpio

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Chris Hero


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Re: Cole Scorpio

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