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Post by Single H on Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:01 am

The scene fades in to PWD's newest signing Nova, wearing an MWA black T-shirt and jeans and talking to someone.


Another former MWA star comes running and they chest bump.

Dude! I can't believe you got me signed with MWA, this shit's gonna be sweet!

H shrugs...

No problem, fuckface...

When do we start?

We don't, MWA's gone bankrupt like 2 months ago.

Single H laughs.

What the fuck Sti--

I told you not to call me that already. Don't worry, I got us a job somewhere else...

Nova scoffs...

Doing what?


Wrestling? We're in the Wrestling business? What the fuck--

Don't worry bro, bitches love Wrestling. Hey you coming to Muhammad's party tonight?

Nova seems confused.

He invited you?!

Single H chuckles.

Of course not, but a party without Single H and Nova just isn't a party is it? Chest bump!

They chest bump again.

YEAH!...Hey bro, over there...

The camera now films a hot ass chick walking down the hall...

Yeah I know her...I met her back at MWA...

You're joking...what's her name?

They both look over with their arms crossed as Single H says, nodding, confidently...

Leigh King...she's way too open though, if you know what I mean, she can fit two dicks in there.

Two like yours, maybe.

Nova cracks out laughing now.

Just as Single H is about to answer his bruh, a nearby door flies open. The camera pans towards the door as a figure stands in the entrance. Beams of bright white light shine out from the door as the silhouette of a man emerges with his hands on his hips.

What the fu-

Suddenly the man jumps into view, laughing and slapping both men on their shoulders. The man is dressed in a purple and black tracksuit and has a wavy head of perfectly kept hair. It's all topped off by a well-groomed 'stache gracing his upper lip. The man grins and gives a cheesy thumbs up to the camera.

Hi! I'm White Goodman! CEO and founder of the world famous GloboGym Corporation! I'm here with some exciting news! You see, I've just been signed to a very lucrative contract within PWD! That's right, the White Goodman you all knew and loved in MWA is gonna be right back on your TV screens in just a short while!

Nova raises an eyebrow while Single H facepalms, being all too familiar with the bumbling buffoon that is White Goodman.

I know all you fat, lazy slobs out there love watching wrestling, and that's why I've taken advantage of this opportunity to broadcast myself and my company to the world! At GloboGym, we care about you and your progress in obtaining that perfect figure, which is why we'll give you access to all the equipment and facilities that you need! We even have on-site liposuction if that hard work is just getting a little too strenuous for a bunch morbidly obese folks like you! Come on down and start your 1 month free trial for only $499.99!

Goodman gives two thumbs up with a goofy open mouthed grin on his face.

Now, I'm here right now to promote my newest programme! I call it the Purple Party Program Partying Package! Or the PPPPP for short! If I can be blunt, I think this lifestyle would be perfect for you two gentlemen!


What does it entail? Why, I'll tell ya, stud! The PPPPP consists of whatever you want! It's perfectly suited for those who love the party lifestyle, or as I like to say, people who 'just don't give a fuck'! Now the programme hasn't officially started yet, meaning you two would be my first customers, so to celebrate this momentous occasion, you get to partake in this... ABSOLUTELY FREE! Hell, I'll even be your personal advisor! So I'm offering my services to you, right here... RIGHT NOW!

White Goodman extends both hands to the men for a double handshake.

So boys... Whadd'ya say?

White awaits a response.

Fuck off Goodman.

Nova stops Single H right on his tracks.

Wait a second, H...White, if we take you on, do we have to pay you?

Of course no--

So you pay us? If so, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

Wait a b--

A thousand bucks a piece every week!? You sure, White?!


Deal!...just make sure not to bring your goons with you, they made you look like a buffoon the last time...especially that Jack Jones...Who the fuck was that guy?...I mean, what kind of football play--


Yeah, whatever. What kind of dude was he? He sucked, dude! Now that you're bringing that mo' to our parties, it's gonna be SWEET! Fuck yeah!

Nova shakes White's hand as Single H pats White on the back, laughing his ass off.

Okay then, we're off to a party, you coming White...?

White sighs...


He walks in front of them and Single H plainly gives him a wedgie. Nova laughs his ass off.

You're getting laid tonight, White, I PROMISE you.

Single H, Nova and their newly acquired buddy White Goodman continue to make their way down the hall. Single H darts in front of them all of a sudden.

Nova, before we continue to gate-crash Muhammed's party, you should know something. The wrestling company I signed us with... It's not MWA, or PWD. I lied about both. The company we're actually going to is something much better, something a lot more flexible you know? It's a place where we can worry less about our careers, and more about doing what we do best - Fucking bitches and getting money.

They laugh and leave the building, White Goodman trailing behind them, still looking like he doesn't quite understand what just happened.

But as we are in the wrestling company and we kind of have to go there all the time, I think we should make sure to be the best they have. You know, back when I was in MWA I held the tag team championship, we're good to go. I've had a good run in the tag team division... And you my friend. I have a good feeling about Single H and Nova as a team, we're gonna be unstoppable.

They come to the main road and stop dead in their tracks.

Wait... How are we going to get to the party with no wheels?

Nova shrugs his shoulders, Single H taps his head and thinks for a while, but with no results. White Goodman perks up.

Er... Guys? I know someone that could hook you two party animals with a sweet ride.

White Goodman says the phrase as cornily as it looks in text format. Nova and Single H look at each other for a second.

That's funny, Nova... I believe I can smell bullshit, yet I can't see any.

How strange.

White cuts them off, pushing his phone into their faces.

No guys, look! I can hire us a limo straight to that party right now! On one condition though... You must allow me to join you in gate crashing the event.

Single H shakes his head and puts his hand on Goodman's shoulder.

Of course, White. Do you really think we'd let you, our best friend, miss out on the party of a life time? You've got yourself a deal my good man... Now call that limo up, there's a good Goodman.

White can't seem to believe his luck he dials up the number quickly and walks out of sight, the phone to his ear. Nova and Single H wait on the pavement, kicking stones around.

So anyway... If we're not working for MWA or PWD... Who are we working for?

Some new company on the rise. Listen, it might not be in my league, and I know we could've got into a more famous or rich company, but trust in me pal, this is the place to be. These guys care not about getting any shit from anyone. Hell, the company name is 'Fuckin' Wrasslin'!

They both laugh.

Wow, Fuckin' Wrasslin'. Modern Wrestling Association to Fuckin' Wrasslin'. Only you, Single H could have a career like that.

White Goodman walks back round the corner, he puts the phone in his pocket.

It should be on it's way, you guys remember the deal though, right? I'm coming to that party with you.

Yeah White, of course. Don't sweat it, me and Nova are respectable, honest gentlemen, we're not going to try to double cross you or stand you up just so we can have a fancy limo! Are we Nova?

Nova falsely laughs.

Us? What the fuck, ha ha!

Suddenly, a large white limo rolls up. White grins and snaps his fingers as a man with his hair tied back steps out of the driver's seat and onto the side walk. The man strolls over to the door and opens it, motioning for the trio to get in.

Single H, you recognize our old friend, Greg Steele? After GloboGym Corp disbanded in MWA, I decided to keep Greg on the payroll, after all, he's very good at menial tasks that I have no business doing.

White motions to the leather interior of the limo, complete with a mini bar built into the side of the seats.

After you, gentlemen.

Nova steps into the limo, followed by Single H and finally Mr. Goodman. Greg Steele shuts the door with a pissed off look on his face and makes his way back to the driver's seat.

Help yourselves to the refreshments.

Single H and Nova both grab a couple of beers out of the small fridge as White grins.

Wow, White. Your goofy-lookin' ass is actually good for something!

Both men start to drink as the window in between the front and back of the limo lowers slightly. Greg Steele clears his throat, trying to get their attention.

What is it, Greg? Can't you see we're busy?

Greg can be seen shaking his head in the rear view mirror.

I need to know where we're going, Mr. Goodman.

White looks at both of the guys opposite sides of him.

Well? Where are we going?

Let's go over to my place, get us a six-pack and bring it over to the party. Seriously it's better to bring our own beer than to drink beer Muhammad's pissed on for being against his religion.

They all laugh. Then look at each other and drink some beer.

I still don't know where the hell we're heading.

They all go serious.

It's just down the road 'round the corner.

Steele drives for five seconds...

Right here.

Steele gets out of the car and opens the door for the three to come out. They enter the building and in to the elevator, and then go up to Nova's house. They go inside and Single H goes straight to the couch and starts reading the paper.

Dude this paper's from like a month ago!

And I haven't read it yet, so it's still new, put it down!

Nova opens the fridge and takes out a couple of six-packs.

Let's go...

Single H follows White Goodman and Nova outside. They again enter the limo without Greg Steele even noticing this time.

Hey Steele, you want a beer?

He's driving for Chrissakes.

Greg turns around...

No worries pass me one, I have a liver of steele!

Single H almost tosses him one but White Goodman catches it with an acrobatic jump in the back of the limo.

Not happening, if the cops show, no party...And I wanna get laid...

Single H and Nova get hyped.



White Goodman nods, confidently.

To Hassan's house...drive, minion!

Greg Steele puts his foot down and begins to drive down the road. It's a bumpy ride but that's not because of the road itself, more because of Greg's incredibly bad driving. White Goodman shakes his head and turns round to the drivers seat.


No, White. It's fine. Greg's driving makes me feel like royalty.

Greg can be seen to nod his head from the rear view mirror.

Yeah. Princess Diana.

Greg swerves round a corner and the three best friends are almost thrown into the right hand side of the limo. White pulls out a massive bottle of champaign and pops it open, none of it comes out of the top.

Sign of quality right there.

The champaign looks awful, but that doesn't stop White from offering it round. Single H and Nova are quick to deny it so White just pours himself a glass. He goes to drink it but just as it is put to his lips, Greg turns another corner and White spills the whole drink down himself. Single H grabs the bottle and throws it out of the window.

What the hell are you doing?

Doing you a favour of course, that stuff will probably make you blow chunks before we even get to the party!

That still doesn't give you permission to throw away my personal belongings!

Nova sits there for a while, he reaches over to White Goodman's terrible looking shades and throws them out of the window. White Goodman looks shocked. He begins to breathe through his teeth.

Stop. Fucking. Throwing away... My stuff.

Single H and Nova laugh, the car continues down the highway, Greg Steele still driving like a madman.

Are you sure he's fully qualified to drive?

Oh, I don't know Nova. Why don't we ask the gods of obviousness. Go on, reach out to them and ask them that oh so difficult question.

Nova looks up at the sun roof and begins to open it, Single H brings his arm down gently.

Greg Steele turns round.

We're almost there guys!

All of a sudden, the engine starts making weird noises and the car starts slowing down. Steele pulls over to avoid the cars on the road.

Oh crap.

Steele opens the car door as soon as the car has stopped moving.

We ran out of gas.

White Goodman looks furious at the thought of him not getting laid tonight.

I told you to make sure you always have at least half a tank of ga...

Steele cuts Goodman's soon to be lecture.

Relax, I got a petrol can in the trunk.

Single H looks confused.

He has diarrhea?

Nova chuckles. Steele leaves the car and opens the trunk, from which he pulls out a petrol can and starts filling the tank. Meanwhile, in a short distance, a couple of policemen with big fat mustaches are chasing a what appears to be a Mexican. The Mexican is across the street from the limo. He's sprinting towards the street, it's a dead end, there's way too many cars for him to cross. But like a maniac, he keeps running. He crosses the first half of the road, but then sees a truck coming at him from his right, he rolls to avoid it hitting him and lands across the street. The two policemen with big fat mustaches stop the chase and wait til it's safe to cross the road. The truck that almost hit the Mexican came to a sudden stop as well, while blowing it's horn at the suicidal moron. The truck is now blocking the policemen view of the Mexican. The latter quickly takes advantage and crawls into the trunk of the limo and closes it on himself without anyone, including Steele, noticing. The two policemen with big fat mustaches cross the road, they look left and right.

Where did he go?

I don't know. We should split, I'll go right you go left.

Steele looks completely confused He pulls out the petrol can, which seems to be empty now. The two policemen with big fat mustaches get on the sidewalk and split. Steele notices that both of them have their backs to him and throws the petrol can on the ground.

Fuck the police.

Steele grins and gets back into the car, not noticing that the trunk closed itself.

Isn't it dangerous to throw petrol cans like that?

Steele closes the car door.

Yeah, Steele, bend your knees next time.

The camera pans onto a tall, over-muscled figure. He is walking down the hall backstage, running his fingers through his buzzed hair. He stops, and turns to the camera.

Do I look like someone to mess with? HUH? Hugh Jass thinks I am. He hit me! HE FUCKING PUT HIS HANDS ON ME, The Maddog! He thinks he's tough 'cuz he fought in Afhgan? Bitch, I'll rip that Metal leg off and beat you with it! I AM PISSED. I could, I could-

Suddenly, Ace grabs a random man backstage, lifts him up, and Powerbombs him onto the floor. He doesn't let go, though, and pulls him back up. Before he slammed him a second time, Hugh Jass kicked him in the small of his back. Ace dropped the man, who promptly limped off. Maddox turned to Jass in pure rage, swinging wildly. He landed one punch, which sent Hugh back, slamming him into the wall. He had blood dribbling from his mouth, and Maddox kicked him in the stomach.

I'll meet you in the ring, where we will finish this. Don't fuck with me. EVER

Ace turned and left, lunging at the poor worker backstage, who ran away. Maddox smiled as he walked away from the wounded Hugh Jass.

Hugh puts his hand to his bloodied mouth, and wipes some of the blood away, however, more seeps out of his gum. He wipes his bloody hand on his vest, and spits most of the blood out onto the floor. He looks up and sees Maddox walking away. He pulls a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, puts one in his blood soaked mouth and lights it. Even with his mouth bust open, Hugh wouldn't allow that to stop him from smoking. He takes a puff of the cigarette, then grins to himself.

The Fearless - Hugh Jass
Son of a bitch thinks he scares me.

Hugh chuckles to himself, then takes another puff of the cigarette and blows it into the camera.

The fans twist towards the stage, just in time to see Ace Maddox burst out. The fans give a small cheer, as they do not know whether to boo or cheer this man. Ace doesn’t look at the fans, but instead has his focus on the ring.

Leigh King: And coming in first, weighing in at 256lbs, hailing all the way from Sudan…..ACE MADDOX!!!

He jumps up and down on the spot, getting himself warmed up for the match, and then sets off down the ramp and to the ring. He quickly slides under the bottom rope, and gets into the middle ring, his gaze now focused on the stage, as he wants to keep his full focus on the match.

Cox: Woah, look at this guy, he’s my pick for tonight’s match Wachter.

Wachter: I don’t know, he’s big but I still think Hugh Jass will pull it out of the hat tonight.

The fans yet again give a small cheer for the contender walking out, Hugh Jass. They see his metal leg, and some of them look on confused. He has a cigarette in his mouth, and slowly takes it out and blows smoke in the air; he then looks over at Maddox in the ring and smiles.

Leigh King: And his opponent, from Brooklyn New York, The Fearless….HUGH JASS!!!!

Hugh drops the cigarette onto the floor, and crushes it with his foot, before making a steady walk down to the ring. Once he enters the ring, he walks right up to Maddox, his much larger opponent, and puts his face in Maddox’s. He stares right at him and smiles, showing that he is in no way scared of what is to come.

Cox: Did you see that Wachter, Hugh Jass is putting his money where his mouth is and showing he isn’t scared of someone even like Maddox.

Wachter: That’s right Cox, but after this match I wouldn’t be surprised if he maybe changes his tone a little.

Hugh backs up into the corner, as the referee calls for the bell. Hugh and Maddox are both smart enough to stay in their corners and not go straight into trying to charge the other one. Maddox puts his fists up to his face, and slowly edges towards Hugh, who just stands there in a fighting position and waits.

Wachter: Look at this, Maddox is using some good tactics here Cox.

Maddox nears Hugh, and suddenly with the speed of lightening jabs Hugh in the nose, Hugh’s head flings back, and he falls back into the corner. He gets his sense back however quickly enough to see Maddox swing a hook at him. Hugh ducks under it and runs against the ropes, just to bounce back and hit Maddox full on with a dropkick, knocking him to the mat.

Wachter: See what I mean about Hugh, he has the better agility advantage in this match even with his metal leg, I really think he could win this Cox.

Cox: We’re barely thirty seconds into the match yet Wachter, you can’t surely be making decisions like that already.

Maddox however, gets back up almost as quick as Hugh does and goes to grab Jass. However, Hugh counters this into a headlock, and swings Maddox over his back and slams him down. Hugh goes to get to his feet, but as he does, kicks Maddox in the stomach with his metal leg. Maddox cringes with pain and rolls into the corner, using the turnbuckle to pull himself up.

Cox: OH! Hugh using that leg like a weapon!

Hugh sees Ace in the corner, and runs at him attempting a clothesline, Maddox dodges though and Hugh smacks into the turnbuckle. Maddox grabs Hugh, pulls his head under his legs, lifts him up and then smashes him back first onto the mat with a Powerbomb.

Cox: Yikes! See Wachter, this is where Maddox’s strength comes into play.

Maddox picks Hugh back up, and hits him with a European uppercut, knocking Hugh into the ropes. Hugh then bounds back just for Maddox to hit him with a power slam. Maddox hooks Hugh’s iron leg and goes for the pin.

Wachter: He’s hooking the leg, this could be it.

1…Hugh kicks out.

Cox: Ooh, no, just a measly one count.

Maddox grabs the back of Hugh’s head, and hits him in the face not one, not two, but three times. Hugh’s head smacks against the mat, and Maddox gets up and backs up in the corner, getting ready to hit the gore when Hugh stands up. As Hugh slowly gets to his feet, he turns around and sees Maddox charging towards him. As Maddox bends down, Hugh lifts his iron foot to kick Maddox in the face. Maddox jumps back at the last minute, and stumbles back into the corner. Hugh smiles at Maddox and says the words “I saw the fear”, Maddox runs at Hugh and goes to clothesline him, but Hugh ducks and grabs around his waist, and then hits him with a German suplex.

Wachter: HA! Do you see what Hugh is doing here, he is utilizing Maddox’s fear and using it to help him get the edge over Maddox.

Cox: Yep, and to be honest, Hugh is scaring me a little bit now aswell.

Hugh stands up and turns to see Maddox trying to pull himself up on the ropes. Hugh smiles and dropkicks Maddox in the back of the shoulder, making him cringe with pain. Hugh then gets back up and hits the cutter on Maddox, knocking him almost unconscious as he lays on his back. Hugh smiles and makes his way onto the apron, he then climbs up onto the turnbuckle.

Wachter: Ooh! Hugh is going to take the risk, will it pay off?

He looks down at almost unconscious Maddox, and leaps on top of him, smashing his chest with an elbow drop. He hooks Maddox’s leg.
1…2…Maddox raises his arm.

Cox: That was a millisecond away from a three count.

Hugh keeps a hold of Maddox’s leg, stands up, and hits it with a DDT. Maddox clutches his foot and screams with pain, whilst Hugh waits for him to try and stand up, so he can deliver that brutal kick of his.

Cox: What do you think Hugh is trying to setup here Wachter?

Wachter: I’m not sure, but I just know it’s going to be painful.

Maddox, slowly gets to his knees and sees Hugh swing his foot. Maddox ducks back down to the mat again, causing Hugh to miss with the kick. Maddox grabs Hugh’s iron leg, and yanks at it to pull him over, much to the fans dismay.

Wachter: OH! Now that’s just dirty!

This however gives Maddox time to stand, although Hugh is just as quick. Maddox goes to swing a hook at Hugh to knock him back down, but Hugh dodges the punch, and swings his metal foot up, smashing it against the back of Maddox’s head.

Cox: HOLY SHIT! WOAH! Did you hear the smack that made against the back of Maddox’s skull?

Wachter: Yes I did Cox! That must have seriously hurt.

Maddox’s eyes roll to the back of his head as he falls face first to the mat, and Hugh rolls his body over and hooks his leg.

Cox: And Hugh Jass has won.

Wachter[/b]: After a move like that I’m not surprised he won.

The bell rings and Hugh sits up, a huge grin on his face, whilst Maddox lays unconscious on the mat after getting hit with the Fear Factor. The referee points at Hugh and declares him the winner, and his music plays whilst he pulls a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. He puts one in his mouth and lights it, and twists his head slightly so he can puff it onto Maddox.

Wachter: Well, I expect we’ll be seeing more of this man in the future.

He then smiles again, before putting it back in his mouth for another puff. The show fades out to a commercial break.


A medium sized man, quite the bit of muscle, walks through the backstage area of FW. He sports a dark buzz cut, although it seems rather messily cut. He has a cigarette in his mouth, puffing it as he walks along. In his left hand he has a rucksack, full of his kit he plans on bringing to FW. However, the one thing that was more noticeable about him than anything else was his metal leg. Instead of a right leg, he seemed to be walking on a thick metal bar, attached to an iron stump at the bottom. This causes everyone to gaze at him as he walks in. Some laughed, some pointed, did this man care? No, to hell with caring what anyone else thought about him.

This man’s name is Hugh Jass, and he isn’t scared of no son of a bitch. They can be twice the size of him, that won’t stop him from getting in their face if he wants to. He fought on the frontline in Afghanistan, that’s where his great lack of fear has sprouted from. However, whilst there, he was hit with a bomb, causing the loss of his right leg. He hasn’t let this disability stop him from doing what he loves though, fighting. In fact, if anything, it’s made him more determined. He comes to a table, and lays his rucksack down on it. He zip’s it open, and reaches in to get something. Ace Maddox smiles and approaches him.

If you’re pulling out some leaflets for the Paralympics, save your time, you’re the only cripple in this room.

Hugh smiles and pulls is hand out of the bag, which now sports brass knuckles. Maddox’s eyes open wide, and he backs up. Jass grins to himself.

The Fearless - Hugh Jass
I saw the fear in your eyes just then, you saw when I brought out those brass knuckles and it instantly made you regret what you just said to me. That’s what fear does to people. But after risking my life on the frontlines in Afghanistan for two years, fear doesn’t affect me.

Hugh slips the brass knuckles back in his bag, and instead pulls out a pack of cigarettes. He pulls out the one he has in his mouth and put’s it out with his hand. He cringes a little, but it doesn’t seem to affect him, he then throw’s it in the bin. Maddox is quite shocked, Hugh sees this and laughs.

The Fearless - Hugh Jass
I’ve already lost my leg, a little mark on my palm pales in comparison to that.

He offers a cig to Maddox.

The Fearless - Hugh Jass
You want one?

Maddox declines and Hugh shrugs.

The Fearless – Hugh Jass
Suit yourself then. Oh and by the way, the brass knuckles were just to prove my point, I knew a son of a bitch like you would come along and make a cocky remark. Trust me, if I wanted to hit you, I wouldn’t have done it with a weapon. That’s what cowards do, I ain’t no coward, when I want to hit someone I do it with my bare fist.

Hugh puts another cig in his mouth.

The Fearless – Hugh Jass
Like this.

Hugh swings and punches Maddox in the face, blood flies from his nose as he falls back and hits his head on the table. Maddox lays on the floor, almost unconscious. Hugh smiles, and lights the cigarette, before blowing smoke on Maddox. He bends down to Maddox’s level.

The Fearless – Hugh Jass
Next time you make a joke about me, I won’t pull back my punch.

Hugh stands back up again and smirks, before flicking his cigarette down on Maddox. He feels the cigarette burn his skin and squirms to get it off him. He looks up and see’s Hugh walking away with his rucksack flung over his shoulder, and a smirk glued to his face.

All the fans turn and look at the stage, as Mexican Gardener Ted walks out onto the stage, arms raised in the air like he somehow is already a FW veteran. The crowd give a small cheer yet again, but they raise as Ted runs down the ramp, high fiving the fans on the front row.

Leigh King: The following is a tag team match! And coming in the first, hailing from El Paso Texas…..MEXICAN GARDENER TED!

The fans cheers start to build up a little bit, as Ted rolls into the ring. He smiles and looks on at the stage, waiting for his partner.

Wachter: Do you think Mexican Gardener Ted will surprise us in his FW debut Cox?

Cox: He looks agile and seems like a great spirited guy, I hope so.

Peter Phile makes his way onto the stage, and he looks on at the audience with a dirty smirk on his face. He’s a slimy looking individual, and he was one of those people you instantly judged by its cover.

Leigh King: And his partner….from Rome Italy, PETER PHILE!

The fans give a very small cheer for the disgusting looking individual known as Peter Phile. As he is walking down the ramp, he sees a teenage mother and her daughter in the front row. He winks at the mother and starts licking his lips, the mother is disgusted and looks away. Peter then smirks, and turns towards the child, doing the same thing.

Cox: WHAT THE HELL! Did you see that! This man is nothing more than a scumbag.

Wachter: Did you see the way he looked at that little child. Disgusting.

The crowd boo at this, realising he is nothing more than a disgusting paedophile. Peter makes his way into the ring, and stands next to his partner.

The fans delightfully turn to look at the stage to see who will be the opponents, and cheer wildly as they see Single H there, recognising him from MWA. Regardless of not knowing who Nova is, they cheer anyway, a friend of Single H’s is a friend of theirs. White Goodman walks out behind the two of them, and racks up some more cheers, you can see who the fan favourites are in this match.

Leigh King: And their opponents, from East Grand Rapids Michigan, at a combined weight of 450lbs…..SINGLE H & NOVA!!!!

The crowd scream as the two men taunt to the fans in the front row, and make their way down to the ring.

Wachter: LOOK WHO IT IS COX! It appears Single H has returned to T.V. after MWA closed down, its great we get to see him back in action.

Cox: And let’s see what his friend Nova can do in the ring aswell, he seems like a strong competitor.

Both men roll under the bottom rope, and look their opponents up and down, before then looking at each other and bursting out with laughter to mock Mexican Gardener Ted and Peter Phile. Goodman high fives a fan, and then quickly puts down his backpack and pulls out some Globotech merchandise, trying to sell his product. Nova and Single H confer who will start up, and it appears to be Single H, as Nova backs up into the corner.

Cox: Looks like Single H is starting things off for his team.

Peter looks at Ted, and then pushes him into the ropes, telling Ted in a physical way that he is going to be the legal man.

Wachter: And Peter Phile will be for his team aswell.

The referee calls for the bell and the match begins. Single H looks into the crowd, and starts taunting the audience to get the cheers as loud as possible. Nova starts stomping his foot on the apron to get a beat for the fans to clap, and Goodman on the outside starts raising his hands and telling the fans to join in. Peter however, becomes annoyed by this, and charge towards Single H, hitting him with a fist hammer on the back of his head whilst he had his back turned.

Cox: Look at this cowardice, taking him from behind.
H falls forwards and hits his face on the floor, and Peter smiles, and makes an attempt to pick him back up. H delivers a backhand chop to Peter’s chest and knocks him back, giving H some room, H then delivers another chop, and then another, before hitting a dropkick to finish this skirmish.

Wachter: Of course, it doesn’t take long for Single H to fight his way back into a winning position, even after getting blindsided.

Single H bends down and picks up Peter, before throwing him into his corner. H then charges forwards to hit a corner clothesline on Peter, but Peter lifts his elbow and knocks H back. Peter smiles and gets ready to charge at H, but Nova flicks him on the ear. Peter clutches his ear and loses focus, allowing H to run at him and slam into him with a cross body.

Wachter: Nova getting himself involved here.

Cox: It was only a flick Wachter, I don’t think that will cause to much controversy.

Single H then tags in Nova, who straight away climbs to the top rope. As Peter gets to his feet, Nova dives down and hits him with a falling clothesline. He then hooks Peter’s leg and goes for the pin.

1…Peter kicks out.

Cox: Well, just a one count.

Nova isn’t surprised at this, and gets straight back on the onslaught, stomping on Peter. Peter however blocks one of Nova’s boots, and twists him onto the floor with a leglock takedown. Peter gets up and starts stomping on the head of Nova. He then goes and sits on Nova’s face, smiling as he does so, but Nova lifts his legs into Peters back and forces Peter to let go.

Wachter: Well, that was unpleasant.

Cox: I’d hate to be in Nova’s position right now.

Peter picks up Nova, but is knocked back into his corner as Nova hits him with a quick dropkick out of nowhere. Peter bounces of the turnbuckle, and back at Nova, but as he does, Ted manages to sneak in a subtle tag.

Wachter: Oh, did you see the tag there Cox?

Cox: I know I did, but I think Nova didn’t.

As Nova picks up Peter and slams his back down on his knee with a backbreaker, Ted climbs the top rope.

Wachter: No! Turn around Nova!

Nova hooks the leg of Peter, but the referee doesn’t count. When Nova gets up and shouts at the referee, the ref explains Peter is not the legal man. Nova becomes confused, and turns just in time for Ted to nail him in the face with a missile dropkick. Nova flies to the floor, whilst Ted gets up and quickly rushes for the pin.

1….Nova kicks out.

Wachter: I knew it wouldn’t be long for this man, Mexican Gardener Ted, to start impressing us.
Ted curses and stomps on the stomach of Nova, forcing him into a sitting position, and then delivers a low dropkick to his face. As Nova squirms for the ropes to get into a standing position, Ted grabs him and drags him under his arms into a DDT position. He hooks both Nova’s arms and smiles, as he lifts Nova up into the air, and hits him with a butterfly suplex.

Cox: Look at that, a beautifully executed butterfly suplex.

Wachter: There was nothing beautiful about it from Nova’s point of view.

Nova cringes with pain as he hits the mat, and tries rolling towards his corner, but Ted grabs his foot to stop him reaching Single H. Nova twists his body around and kicks Ted in the face with his other foot. Ted stumbles backwards, as Nova gets to his feet, and charges at Ted, hitting him full on with a clothesline.

Cox: And look at this, Nova fighting back here, he just needs to make the tag.

Ted flies backwards to the mat, as Nova falls back to the floor, both of them trying to reach their corners.

Wachter: To be honest Cox, it looks like both men need to make the tag.

Ted makes the tag first, and Peter makes his way through the middle rope. As he does, Nova makes the tag to Single H, and H bounds over the top rope and runs at Peter.

Cox: Look at this, Single H is back in the match.

He hits Peter with a backhand chop, knocking Peter into the ropes, and then H follows up with a series of more backhand chops. He then Irish whips Peter, and when he comes back, he throws Peter over his shoulder with a hip toss.

Wachter: Single H is like a machine, not even allowing Peter Phile to breathe.

Peter clutches his back as he gets to his feet, and without even letting him fully recuperate, Single H lifts him up and hits him with an atomic drop. Single H waits for him to get to his feet, so he can hit him with his famed Superkick, also known as “The fuck you”.

Cox: Do you think he is setting him up for the Superkick, what did he call it….

Wachter: “The fuck you”?

Cox: Oh, well fuck you aswell.

Wachter: No that’s the name of the Superkick.

Peter gets to his feet, and turns around just in time to get the Superkick to the jaw from Single H. Peter’s body goes limp, and he collapses to the floor.


Cox: What a devastating Superkick.

Ted jumps over the top rope and charges at Single H, but H moves out of the way and Ted runs straight into The Tackle from Nova.

Cox: And look at that, Nova hitting an amazing spear!

Wachter: I believe he calls it “The Tackle”.

Ted clutches his stomach and rolls out the ring. Nova smiles and gets back onto the apron, whilst Single H goes to the top rope.
He raises his arms, and gets cheered by the fans, as he suddenly leaps towards the downed Peter, landing on top of him after a 270 flip.


The fans burst into cheer of delight, as Single H hooks the leg.



Wachter: That’s the end of that match.

Single H & Nova’s music hits as H stands up and raises his arm. Nova climbs through the ropes and chest bumps Single H, before giving him a man hug. Goodman is still on the outside, cheering to all the fans, high fiving them as he runs by.

Wachter: What a match we just witnessed Cox.

Cox: I know Wachter, it was spectacular. Make sure you join us next time for FW.

Single H and Nova run around the ring, lifting the arms up to get the crowd going, as the two of them pace around the ring smiling, the show fades out.

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