The really but not really handicapped diaries (by me)

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The really but not really handicapped diaries (by me)

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:24 pm

The other day I hurt my food with a mild sprain and I'm in crutches for two weeks. So I had the idea to keep a "diary" of how I am treated differently once I return to school and I'm in crutches. I did start a Tumblr account and this was my first official entry (apart from generic photo's and stuff) so I would greatly appreciate any like, follow, whatever I don't know how this Tumblr shit works yet.

Any feedback either on here or through Tumblr is greatly appreciated, tell me what you think, how would you feel about me doing more of these, what changes should I make to improve my work? etc and so on.

Thanks a head of time for reading this, now here is the main attraction:

The really but not really handicapped diaries Episode I

"Wow that root is completely destroying the sidewalk over there" I said as I gawked at the large tree root sticking out of the ground uprooting the sidewalk, whilst looking out the passenger window on my way to school one early weekday morning. Little did I know that same tree root would seal my fate no more then a month later.
This first entry of my epic handicapped saga will be a long one because it covers four days, after this they will be much shorter I promise, so please stick with me.
Nothing like a dramatic intro eh? In all seriousness...I have a mildly sprained right foot and require crutches for the next few weeks (as you can see below, crutches are the thin blur's in the top right corner)

It all started four days ago around 2:00 pm on Wednesday afternoon. I was walking home from school (I'm a senior in High School) like I always do a few times a week, so nothing special there. I have been doing this for so many years, the entire walk home has become a giant secondary action for me that requires little effort on my part. So I was zoning out like I usually do where I tripped over a large slab of cement sticking out of the ground from a tree root (mentioned above). I stood up, dusted myself off, and with pain in my foot, music in my ear, and determination to get home so I can do nothing in my heart, I soldiered on hobbling the whole way (approximately three miles). The entire way home I just repeated to myself "it's just sore it will go away by tomorrow" but I was wrong...oh so wrong.

Wednesday passed, and Thursday arrived. I went to school like usual, but this time with a sore foot, just like the day before I repeated in my head (it's just sore, it will go away by tomorrow), and just like the day before, I was wrong...oh so very wrong. By the end of Thursday I was in increasing pain with every step. When Friday came, and I hopped out of bed and placed my right foot on the ground it felt like I just stepped on a 3 foot tall thumbtack. I immediately called upon my mommy (don't laugh, she's my mommy and I love her) and she told me how its' going to go. She had to go to work that day so that means I got to stay at home from school that day. That was a win in my book, or so I thought.
As the day slowly progressed I found it increasingly hard to do easy tasks that I usually took for granted, like walking to the bathroom, taking a shower, or the ever crucial...standing up. When my Mom finally returned from work we went to the hospital to get my foot checked out by a true professional, my pediatrition (doctor for the "not grown-ups") for the last 17 (all) years of my life. Through examination he came to the conclusion that I had a mild sprain in my foot and would have to stay off of it for two weeks, so he wrapped it and gave me a prescription for crutches. Yes a prescription for crutches, I know it sounds stupid. So we went to the local drug store called CVS and tried to acquire a pair of crutches from my... prescription. But low and behold, there is no such thing as prescriptions for crutches, you're supposed to buy them for a whopping $37.99. With that news my mother said "hell no" and we shot off to the local Goodwill where I found a pair of used but durable crutches. After a lengthy session of adjusting them I finally got them to the appropriate height and struggled to tripod hop out the door. Then came Saturday.

Saturday went by just like Friday, finding it almost impossible to do everyday tasks like go from my bedroom to the tv, or embarking on a mission to the kitchen to prevent starvation. Now is it just me, or isn't it supposed to be easier to move around the house with crutches, because the only thing it did for me was add to more legs I had a hard time using. But through the struggle, cursing, mobile failure, and the brink of complete hopelessness, I had an epiphany: "I wonder how people will treat me differently once I return to school on Monday with these crutches?"

So that's what brings me to hear, I had the idea of writing out a, dare I say... blog... at the end of each day recalling the days events and experiences. Remembering that today is Saturday I will most likely not have anything interesting to say on Sunday, but Monday will be glorious.

So this is what we know:
1. I live in Southern California in a county known as Orange County, famed for it's rich white people and T.V. shows like, The OC, and The Hills. (Yes we created Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, I'm very sorry. But we made up for it in the form of plastic surgery

you're welcome

2. Every day I have to go to the cuthroat, dog eat dog, life's a game and we are all losing at it, world of High School. Senior to be exact.

3. I'm not what you would call a "loner" I have friends and get a long with many people
around school I just, seemingly fly under the radar.
4. People like to gawk.

5. Where I attend school, everybody seems to want to know the business of everybody else.
6. I'm in crutches for two weeks.

So with those notes this should become a seemingly interesting experiment. See you next time.

Thanks for your time, if you are interested please follow. If you have questions about ANYTHING feel free to ask I'll be more then happy to answer - Thanks, Chris macias


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Re: The really but not really handicapped diaries (by me)

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 09, 2012 2:27 pm

Well, I'm not a Tumblr fellow, but okay.


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