NXT 11/01/2012 In A Nut Shell

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NXT 11/01/2012 In A Nut Shell Empty NXT 11/01/2012 In A Nut Shell

Post by Single H on Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:54 am

Obviously nobody cares about this show, but I watch in anyway. I am a sad existence... Anyway, here is the show in a nutshell for those of you that want to know what happened without sitting through the show (I don't blame you, I do this so you don't have to.)


First of all, here are the results from the show:

Alicia Fox defeated Maxine.

Trent Baretta defeated Tyler Reks. After the match, Baretta is jumped by Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. In comes Yoshi Tatsu for the save setting up the next match.

The Usos defeated JTG and Tyson Kidd.

Johnny Curtis defeated Alex Riley.

Darren Young cuts a promo but it interrupted by Titus O'Neil. A brawl breaks out and Matt Striker announces a no DQ match between the two for the 100th episode of NXT next week.

And now for other stuff that happened during the show.

Matt Striker seems to be back to his usual corny presenter self. He opened the show with badly acted happiness and then went on to tell us that next week would be a very special episode of NXT. Now I'm sure everyone that watched the show thought the same thing as me... Could the season finally be ending? Could we FINALLY get a winner and move onto the next season?

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We actually wanted to tell us that next week will be the 100th episode of NXT... How exciting, I'm sure it'll be great.

I'm pretty sure this season won't be ending for a while longer, if ever. After all, the intro of NXT has now changed. Whereas it once was a game-show like intro showing all the rookies and pros on the season, it's now more like the other WWE intros, it's just a showcase of the three rookies we have left, and a bunch of the pros. I think NXT isn't even a competition show any more, it's just a crappy version of Superstars, the toilet of WWE if you will. Here's the new intro:

Moving on with a part of an ongoing storyline now, it appears the reason Maxine and Derrick Bateman split up was because an email was sent to Teddy Long's phone via Bateman's. So he dun got framed. Who the hell uses email though? Maybe I'm looking too deeply into this, we all know it was Johnny Curtis. Shit's gonna go down at their marriage next week in Vegas.

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Oh and Justin Gabriel was wearing a bad ass military coat backstage... That's good enough to make it into this post.

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