Smackdown 13/01/2012 In A Nut Shell

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Smackdown 13/01/2012 In A Nut Shell Empty Smackdown 13/01/2012 In A Nut Shell

Post by Single H on Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:10 am

I was looking forward to this episode of Smackdown to see how Brian Danielson's heel turn would continue. Unfortunately, it didn't really progress at all this week, I have a definite feeling it will next week though. Nothing that important really happened on this show at all really, apart from the end so it should be easier this time around to sum up...


First of all, here's the results from the show's matches:

Justin Gabriel def. Heath Slater
Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes def. Ezekiel Jackson
Ted DiBiase def. Drew McIntyre
Sheamus def. Jinder Mahal
David Otunga def. Santino Marella
Brodus Clay def. Tyson Kidd
Tamina def. Natalya
Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show (No Disqualification, No Count-out Match for the World Heavyweight Title) (No Contest)

And now for other stuff that happened during the show that you need to know about. First of all, WWE's burial of Heath Slater has reached an all time low. He is now feuding with Hornswoggle. Yes, Hornswoggle. I don't think WWE could make it more obvious they are burying him if they tried. This is the second week Heath has been humiliated by the little guy, Hornswoggle interfered in the match this week and caused a distraction, allowing Justin Gabriel to get the win. I'm not complaining about this, I'm no fan of Slaters'. I think it's safe to say he's gonna get future endeavored after this, after all what could possibly be worse than a feud with Hornswoggle.

Smackdown 13/01/2012 In A Nut Shell Heath_slater_as_wendy_by_kjjacky95-d2zw4to

Cody Rhodes cut an epic promo this week. It wasn't epic because it was necessarily a good promo. It was epic for one reason and one reason alone. A meme me and a friend of mine came up with: "Cinco cinco cinco" was said by Cody during his segment. I came. Rivers. I get happy about things like that, it made me feel special. Although I highly doubt Cody's been spying on me, it feels like I was the innovator of that phrase. Feels good bro.

^ Just watch the start bit, you can watch the whole match if you want but the only good bit of this entire video is Cinco CINCO CINCO CINCO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drew McIntyre continues to job to everything and everyone. He was told this week by Teddy Long that if he loses his match, he runs the risk of getting fired. Guess what? He lost. Not only did he lose, he lost to Ted DiBiase (Who was wearing a brand new "DiBiase Posse" attire I might add). Hunico and that big guy he hangs around with also came down to do commentary for reasons I have no idea. They're possibly going to start a feud with DiBiase? Sure as hell not McIntyre, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets fired next week. Chalk another one up on the future endeavored list, Laurinatis.

Smackdown 13/01/2012 In A Nut Shell Bio-drewmcintyre

The Funkasaurus gimmick is still going strong for Brodus Clay, he beat Tyson Kidd in about 5 seconds this week. I guess this was just to boost him up the ranks a little but it seemed pointless to me. I must say I'm warming to the gimmick, not Brodus, the women. They look good. Women are awesome.

Tamina came out with a new theme and kind of a new gimmick this Smackdown. She's apparently face now, I guess her stint with JTG wasn't working out. Is it just me or is Tamina turning heel to face more regularly than the Corre used to change themes?... Anywho, she now acts like her father, we shouldn't be surprised, it was only a matter of time before WWE stopped trying to make her her own woman and focus on making her into a female version of Jimmy Snuka. She pulls it off alright but it's not going anywhere. Also, what happened to Beth Phoenix, she wasn't there to accompany Natalya, is Pin-Up Strong a done thing now? *confusion face*

Right, now for the moment you've all been waiting for. The World Championship match between Daniel Bryan and Big Show. I was looking forward to this one big time because I wanted to see how Bryan would try to weasel his way into getting the win this time. It was a decent match, and the ending was a lot different to how I imagined. Now that Daniel's getting heat I was expecting him to do something similar to what he did last week and try to cheat his way out. Instead, AJ accompanied him to the ring and was knocked over by Big Show, she was taken out on a stretcher and the match ended. Big Show cried like a total big girl's blouse and Bryan called him a BATHTURD!!! Good shit.

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