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The limo pulls up to a large house. As a matter of fact, the word 'house' doesn't do the building any justice. It would be much better off being called a mansion or a villa, whatever. Single H, Nova and White Goodman get out of the limo one by one, all looking up in amazement at the amazing sight before their eyes. Greg Steele wonders what all the fuss is about and goes to get out of the limo also, but Goodman holds the door shut. He shakes his finger at Steele and then turns to his counter-parts.

Well, here we are. Now you two remember the deal, I have done you a favour and now you must do one for me. You must allow me to join you in entering this party.

Single H and Nova look at him for a while, trying to find an excuse, any excuse to get them out of having to let White Goodman tag along on their adventure.

Hey White... I think I left my wallet in the limo, could you check for me?

White shrugs his shoulders and taps on the front window of the limo, Greg Steele gets out of the vehicle, walks to White Goodman's door and opens it for him, he continues to hold it open as White climbs into the car to begin searching for Single H's wallet.

I can't see it in here, are you sure you left it?

Oh I'm sure alright, you just keep looking. Me and Nova will go and try to get into the house.

Single H pulls out his wallet from his jacket and turns to Nova.[/color]

We could try bribing the doorman.

We could but just know that's your money you're throwing away by doing that.

Single H nods his head and looks over to White who is still searching around inside the limo. He whispers to Nova.

Well whatever we do, we need to do get in there fast before White gives up searching for my wallet.

Nova cuts him off.

I can take care of White right now. I'll bet Greg Steele would be willing to help us out with all the shit White puts him through, right?

Single H nods and Nova laughs.

Watch this.

He jogs over to the limo and slams the door shut, White hammers his fist against the door but it has auto-locked. Nova then swiftly runs over to the front of the car and whispers something to Greg Steele. When he's finished, the car speeds away.

Taken care of.

They both laugh.

Now how the fuck do we get inside?

Fireworks shoot from the stage, the fans go crazy. The camera pans into several members of the audience all having seizures simultaneously. Cox and Watcher grin like retards into the camera.

Cox: Welcome everyone to FUCKIN' WRASSLIN'.

Watcher: What are we waiting for, let's get on with this so we can get paid and go home.

The fans twist towards the stage, just in time to see Ace Maddox burst out. The fans give a cheer. Ace has even more focus this week, so yet again doesn’t look at the fans, but instead has his focus on the ring.

Leigh King: And coming in first, weighing in at 256lbs, hailing all the way from Sudan…..ACE MADDOX!!!

He jumps up and down on the spot, getting himself warmed up for the match, and then sets off down the ramp and to the ring. He quickly slides under the bottom rope, and gets into the middle ring, his gaze now focused on the stage, as he wants to keep his full focus on the match.

Cox: And this is Ace Maddox, the man we saw last week in a match against Hugh Jass.

Wachter: Yes but Cox, he is up against Hugh Jass again tonight, and to make it worse, a third opponent. If he lost last week, I don’t think he may win this week either.

The fans yet again give a small cheer for the contender walking out on his metal leg, Hugh Jass. He has a cigarette in his mouth, and slowly takes it out and blows smoke in the air, and he then looks over at Maddox in the ring and smiles.

Leigh King: And his opponent, from Brooklyn New York, The Fearless….HUGH JASS!!!!

Hugh drops the cigarette onto the floor, and crushes it with his foot, before making a steady walk down to the ring. He enters the ring and falls back into the corner, relaxing, showing he isn’t worried about the match.

Wachter: After his showing last week, Hugh Jass is my man to win this match.

Cox: I couldn’t say, as impressive as Hugh was last week, we still haven’t seen what the third man in this match can do.

Leigh King: And the third opponent in this triple threat match, BRANDO MCPHUKFAIC!

Both men turn to look at the stage, whilst Brando does not come out. Both men look on surprised, thinking their opponent may of chickened out, which causes a smile on Maddox’s face. A figure jumps out of the crowd and runs into the ring, this figure is Brando McPhukfaic.

Wachter: What the? Is that Brando McPhukfaic who just came out of the crowd.

Both men have their backs turned to him, so do not notice him. The bell rings.

Hugh Jass stares into the face of Maddox, a little grin on his face, knowing that Maddox now feels a little fear for him, fear which Hugh could use to his advantage in this match. Both are completely oblivious to Brando who is running around the ring, flipping off the fans. He laughs to himself and paces backwards, accidentally bumping into Maddox, causing him to turn around quickly. Maddox gives him an intimidating look, and Brando backs up, only to bump into Jass. Brando then turns again and sees Jass, causing him to stumble back.

Cox: (Laughing) Well, what is Brando going to do now Wachter.

Wachter: If I were in that situation, running would be my tactic.

He then throws a punch into the chest of Jass, and then a kick into Maddox’s leg, however, it seems to cause no pain at all. Jass looks up at Maddox, who looks back, and then both of them turn their attention to Brando. They both swing their arms back and clothesline Brando to the floor. Brando cringes in pain, and slowly rolls out of the ring, flopping against the arena floor.

Wachter: That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I said running.

Cox: Well, at least he is safe out of the ring. But now look who are left in the ring, Maddox and Jass, the opponents from last week.

Hugh and Maddox turn their attention to each other, and lock up in a strength test. Maddox overpowers Jass and launches him into the corner, and then runs straight after him to attempt for a corner clothesline. Hugh dives out of the way, and Maddox smashes into the corner, causing him to rebound. Hugh bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick to Maddox, causing him to hit the mat.

Wachter: Jass bringing his agility into play, bringing down the power of Maddox.

Hugh smiles, and stomps on the chest of Maddox, causing him to sit up in pain. Hugh falls down and plants and elbow right on top of Maddox’s skull, causing him to cringe and fall backward.

Cox: Ouch, that must of hurt.

Hugh goes to climb the top rope, but Brando jumps onto the apron and pushes him off the turnbuckle, before climbing it himself.

Wachter: Look at this, Brando bringing himself back into the match.

Cox: And it looks like he is going to fly Wachter.

He sees both his opponents on the floor, and dives off the top with an attempted body splash. Both of them however move out of the way, and Brando smashes face first to the mat. All three men are layed down on the mat, whilst Hugh and Maddox use the turnbuckles to get to their feet.

Wachter: Well, every man is down, now it’s just a race to who can get to their feet first.

Hugh is up first, and runs at Maddox whilst he is still trying to get up. He rams his knee into the side of Maddox’s head, and Maddox falls through the ropes and out the ring.

Cox: And there goes Maddox.

Brando gets up and sees Hugh with his back to him, so he quickly runs back up to the top rope, and goes to jump on the unsuspecting Hugh. As Hugh turns round, Brando jumps, but Hugh sees it coming. He lifts up his iron leg and smashes it into the face of Brando before he even hits the mat, causing Brando to twist violently in the air and smash onto the mat.

Wachter: OH MY GOD! WOW!

Cox: DID YOU SEE THAT! He just hit the fear factor whilst his opponent was IN THE AIR!

Wachter: I think Brando is out cold, if not dead.

Hugh smiles and goes for the cover, but Maddox slips himself back under the bottom rope. He grabs Hugh and launches him into the turnbuckle, before punching Hugh across the jaw, knocking him over the top rope, and onto the arena floor.

Cox: OH, Maddox just lands a punch right across the jaw of Hugh.

Wachter: And that just shows how strong Maddox is, one of his punches can send you soaring out of the ring.

Maddox sees the knocked out Brando on the floor, and covers him.


Maddox got to his feet and lifted his hands, he screamed in delight as he got his first win in FW. He referee went to raise his arm, and he allowed it. He looked on at the fans, as Ace of Spades played.

Wachter: And Maddox picks up his first win here in FW.

Cox: Well, let’s see if he can pick up some more wins here in FW, and keep this streak going.

He looked down at the unconscious Brando, whilst he raised his hand again, and the show faded out to a commercial break.

Peter Phile makes his way onto the stage, and he looks on at the audience with a dirty smirk on his face.

Leigh King: First into this tag match….from Rome Italy, PETER PHILE!

The fans boo him as he smiles at the fans and walks down to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope.

Cox: Yuck, it’s this scumbag again.

Wachter: I know Cox, I’m not a massive fan of him either, but you have to respect his in ring ability.

The crowd boo at him, knowing him as a disgusting paedophile, but Peter just shrugs it off and readies himself up for the match.

The fans look onto the stage, as the huge Ben Dover prances out. This man is huge, even more so in width than height. He danced to the music, leaping about on the stage in an elegant way.

Leigh King: And his partner, from Orlando Florida, weighing 508lbs….BEN DOVER!

Dover slips under the bottom rope gracefully, and looks at his partner, before cringing at the sight of him and prancing into the corner to get away from him.

Wachter: Well, I don’t know what to say to this man.

Peter raised his eyebrow at him, and then sighed, before looking back at the stage.

The fans cheer wildly as they see Single H and Nova. White Goodman walks out behind the two of them, and fans cheer wildly as the two men taunt to the fans.

Leigh King: And their opponents, from East Grand Rapids Michigan, at a combined weight of 450lbs…..SINGLE H & NOVA!

The crowd scream as the three of them run down to the ring high fiving the fans. They both run into the ring whilst Goodman stays outside.

Wachter: I love these men Cox, two great entertainers and wrestlers.

The referee orders one member from each team to go onto the apron, and Peter jumps onto the apron himself, whilst Single H offers to go on the apron, which Nova approves of. The referee rings the bell.

Cox: And Nova and Ben Dover start things off.

Ben Dover looks at Nova up and down, and smiles at him before prancing up to him, Nova’s eyes open wide. Before Dover can get to him, Nova jumps up and hits a dropkick to Dover, knocking him back. Nova then gets up and hits another dropkick, knocking Dover right back into his corner. Dover gets mad, and charges at Nova with a clothesline, which Nova ducks, and bounces against the ropes. Nova comes back and hits a jumping clothesline to Dover, knocking him back into the ropes.

Wachter: Will this man go off his feet?

Cox: A man his size? He must way as much as a small truck.

Nova gets frustrated that Dover isn’t going down, so runs and climbs the top rope. Whilst Dover is dazed, Nova uses it to his advantage, and dives onto him with a falling clothesline. Dover falls down to his knee, and Nova lands into a roll. Whilst Dover is groggy on his knee, Nova runs against the ropes, and hits a knee into the face of Dover, knocking Dover onto his back.

Wachter: Finally, he’s down.

Cox: But can he keep him down? That’s the question.

The crowd cheer that Dover has finally gone down, and Nova goes for the pin.

1…Dover pushes Nova off him.

Nova punches the mat in anger, and runs back at Dover, who grabs Nova by the neck, and head butts him. Nova falls to the mat, as Dover rags him back up by the hair, and throws him to the other side of the ring by it.

Cox: This is what I was afraid of, never let a man as big as him get the edge.

Wachter: Nova is a good wrestler, I’m sure he’ll find a way to fight back.

Nova lays on the mat, whilst Dover runs up to him, and starts stomping on him. Dover then picks him back up, and scoop slams him to the mat. Nova cringes in pain, and tags in Single H, who jumps into the ring and runs at Dover.

Cox: And in comes Single H, the fans love this man.

Single H jumps up and hits a cross body to Dover, knocking Dover back into the corner. H lands on his feet, and then hits a corner dropkick to Dover, knocking his head back into the turnbuckle. Whilst H is turned around and bouncing against the ropes, Peter Phile tags himself in, but only the referee sees this.

Wachter: Did you see the tag there Cox?

Cox: What tag?

Wachter: Phile just tagged himself in, I don’t think anyone else saw it.

Single H bounds back and smashes into Dover with another Crossbody, knocking him to the mat. When H goes for the cover, Peter runs up and kicks H full on in the face. As Single H falls back, Phile covers him.

1….H lifts his arm.

Cox: It’ll take more than a kick to the face to keep Single H down.

Phile grabs Single H, and puts his head between his legs. He moves his hips around a little, before lifting Single H up in the air, and then slamming him down onto the mat again with a huge slam.

Wachter: What a Powerbomb, that had some impact.

Peter smiles, and runs against the ropes, before coming back and landing on Single H with a sit out splash. The fans boo whilst Peter just smiles, and backs up in the corner, taunting Single H to get up.

Cox: I think he is readying Single H up for the Oyes.

Wachter: I can’t watch.

Single H gets to his feet, and Peter runs at him, jumping at him with the Oyes, that painful but disgusting senton. H ducks however, and Peter goes right over his head. Peter runs straight into Nova, who punches him in the face, knocking him back. Dover climbs into the ring himself, and charges at Nova, who pulls the rope down and forces Dover to fly over the top and out the ring.

Cox: Oh! And Dover goes flying out the ring.

Wachter: Pigs really can fly.

Nova turns around and Peter hits him with a low blow, Nova cringes, and falls from the apron to the arena floor. Peter smiles and turns around, just for Single H to hit him with The Fuck You, that devastating Superkick.


Cox: No way is Phile getting up from that.

Peter flies backwards to the mat, whilst Single H hooks his leg.


Single H rolls off his opponent, and raises his hand, whilst Nova & Single H’s music plays. Nova rolls in the ring holding his crotch, and man hugs Single H, as they both raise their hands in victory. Goodman on the outside cheers with them, and high fives the fans next to him, before ripping off his jacket and throwing it as far as he could into the audience, which was to the 4th row.

Wachter: No surprise these men are the victors in this match.

The show fades out with the final glimpse of Nova & Single H cheering together in the ring.



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