Superstars 19/01/2012 In A Nut Shell

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Superstars 19/01/2012 In A Nut Shell

Post by Single H on Sat Jan 21, 2012 4:18 am

The hardest WWE show to review in a nut shell is Superstars. You might think it would be the easiest as it's just matches, nothing else, but that's just it. I can post the match results, but that would make the post pretty damn short. So it takes a lot of thought to think of other interesting things that happened during the show, no matter how small. Remember that now as I sum up...


First of all, here are the results from the show's matches:

Tamina def. Natalya
Santino Marella and Mason Ryan def. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks
Jinder Mahal def. Alex Riley

And also for other stuff that happened during the show you should know about. (Not a lot, it is Superstars after all.) Ok, so Tamina is now being pushed even further into her dad's persona. I thought it was more than enough that they're making her do the Superfly splash and come out to similar entrance music. This week she came out wearing a singlet with tiger skin on it, and doing the Jimmy Snuka signature hand gesture. I mean wtf. Next week they'll probably have her coming out wearing the skin a wig and a headband. (If this happens I will laugh my ass off, film it and post it in the review.)

Justin Roberts botched his ring announcement of Mason Ryan. I know it's not really necessary, but I found it pretty funny. As Ryan walked out as the partner of Santino, Roberts said "And his opponent, his tag team partner, Mason Ryan!". His opponent and tag team partner? How does that work out? Boo Justin Roberts, boo.


Jinder Mahal and Alex Riley are both stale as all hell. I don't care what anyone says, I was never a fan of Riley and sure as HELL not Mahal. So this match was bad, obviously. It was made worse by Scott Stanford's awful commentary. He must've mentioned the fact that Alex Riley wears Converse boots like 10 times. We get the damn point. Converse boots. Cool. Stfu and move on.

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