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Lightning III

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We come to the Lighting arena, the fans are on their feet, cheering. Mike Tenay and Tazz are sitting at ringside, smiles on their faces as always. Pyro shoots from the Lightning stage, exciting the fans even more.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Lightning, coming to you from Scotland! I'm Mike Tenay, and to my right is Tazz.

Tazz: And we have some great action for you here tonight as always! We have Uncle Phil taking on Sean Masters in an extreme rules match and in our main event, CM Punk will team with his partner Chris DeAngelo to take on Christian and Jeff Hardy!

Mike Tenay: Let's get right down to it!

The show fades to the entrance stage, Carlito is making his way down the down the ramp. The fans give a mixed reaction for him.

Mike Tenay: Here comes Carlito, he'll be facing Cole Scorpio here tonight!

Tazz: He sure will, Mike. This is going to be a great opening to the show, both of these athletes can wrestle extremely well.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way down to the ring, weighing in at 220 pounds, from the Caribbean, Carlito! And already in the ring, from Detroit Michigan, weighing in at 221 pounds, Cole Scorpio!

Carlito gets into the ring and looks his opponent up and down, he takes a bite into his apple and shakes his head with a smile on his face, laughing at Cole, mocking him. Cole seems un-phased however and simply warms up in the ring, waiting for the bell to ring. Carlito also gets ready and the referee calls for the bell. Carlito and Cole look each other up and down before going for a lock up. Carlito raises his arm, challenging Cole to a test of strength. Cole accepts the challenge and raises his arm too but it was a trap. Carlito hits a gut kick on Cole followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Carlito gets back up and laughs at Cole who is squirming around on the mat. Carlito hits a few kicks to the chest of Cole before getting bored and lifting him back of the ground. He whips Cole into the turnbuckle and quickly follows, running towards the corner. Cole moves out of the way and grabs a firm grip on the top rope. As Carlito stumbles back, dazed, Cole jumps up onto the rope and springboards back with a back elbow. Carlito falls down and Cole rolls back to his feet.

Tazz: That was a great aerial move there from Cole Scorpio!

Mike Tenay: Yeah, well maybe that'll teach Carlito not to be so cocky!

Carlito gets back to his feet and frowns at Cole Scorpio. Cole runs at him and grabs him round the ribcage, he lifts him up, attempting to go for some kind of belly to belly suplex, but Carlito manages to counter it, he rolls from the shoulder of Cole and hits a dropkick. The two get back to their feet simultaneously, Carlito goes for a clothesline this time but it is ducked by Cole. Cole runs to the ropes, re-bounds from them and runs back at Carlito, he goes for a flying forearm but Carlito is the one to dodge this time. Cole runs to the other side of the ring and leans against the ropes, out of breath. Carlito takes advantage and runs at Cole, he hits a clothesline that sends Cole over the top rope and onto the apron. Carlito takes a few steps back and then once again runs toward Scorpio, who manages to bring the ropes down, sending Carlito over the top rope and out of the ring. Cole climbs back into the ring and begins to taunt, getting the fans behind him. Once he has them cheering loud enough, Cole runs at the ropes and somersaults over the top! He lands a senton on Carlito and the referee is forced to begin counting them both out.

Mike Tenay: And now one of these men needs to get back into the ring or we run the risk of ending this match in a double count-out, Tazz!

Tazz: They have until the ref's count of ten, one of them will make it back inside.

Sure enough, Cole gets back up, he looks over to Carlito and picks him up too, he rolls him into the ring and then slides in himself. Cole waits at the corner, he waits until Carlito gets up and then runs at him, hitting a Scorpio Superkick. The sound of Cole's boot meeting the chin of Carlito can be heard throughout the building, the fans give out a long "ohhh" before Cole climbs to the top rope, he claps his hands and makes a spinning motion with his hands. The fans all know what Cole is about to try and do. Carlito gets to his feet once again, now holding his chin. He sees Cole perched on the top rope and quickly dashes to the opposite corner of the ring. Cole looks angry and climbs down, or at least tries to, for as Scorpio is just getting down, Carlito rushes back towards him and pushes him. Cole swings down, his foot stuck in the ropes and smashes his head against the ring post. Carlito slides out of the ring and pushes him back into the ring, unhooking his leg in the process.

Tazz: Oh... That had to hurt.

Mike Tenay: And you'd better believe that Carlito is going to try to take advantage of that nasty bump.

Carlito rolls Cole into the ring, he goes to go for a pin but brings himself back up, shaking his head. The fans boo. Carlito leans against the ropes and arrogantly waits for Cole to try and get back to his feet. Cole eventually does, holding his head and looking dazed. Carlito simply walks over to him and jumps up, going for the backstabber. Surprisingly, Cole pushes him off his back, reversing the move. Carlito falls down to his back and rolls through, looking both shocked and angry at the same time. Cole musters up enough energy to kick Carlito in the gut and lift him up in a powerbomb set-up, clearly trying to go for his finishing move, the powerbomb facebuster. Carlito flips over the shoulders of Cole however. Cole seems to have anticipated this happening and immediately launches his foot out, going for another Scorpio Superkick. Carlito ducks it and Cole accidently kicks the referee! The ref falls down and Carlito crawls to the corner where he left his apple. He takes a bite and then spits it all into the eyes of Cole. Cole turns his back to Carlito, holding his face, giving Carlito the chance to hit the Backstabber, which he does.

Tazz: This isn't fair!

Mike Tenay: You think Carlito cares about that?

Carlito rolls Cole over and covers him, he click his fingers in the face of the referee who manages to come to his sense and begin counting the pin...


The bell rings and Carlito gets up, his arms in the air. The fans boo him loudly but as any good heel, he doesn't care at all.

Carlito rolls out of the ring, leaving Cole in the ring, on his back in a lot of pain.

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, Carlito!


[center]We come back to ringside and see Justin Roberts in the ring ready to announce the next match. There are multiple foreign objects spread around the arena, and there are more underneath the ring apron.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is an extreme rules match scheduled for one fall!

The fans cheer at hearing this, the extreme rules match is always unpredictable and very dangerous. Uncle Phil comes out of the curtain, accompanied by no music.

Justin Roberts: Introducing first, from Yorkshire England, weighing in at 180lbs, Uncle Phil!

Phil makes his way down to the ring, high fiving members of the fans in the front row as he does so. He grabs a steel chair as he approaches the ring, throws it over the top rope and then slides into the ring himself.

Tazz: This guy, Uncle Phil, got into someone's business last week on Wildfire.

Mike Tenay: Sean Masters. And boy did Uncle Phil pay for it, our world champion Christian had to help him out in the end.

Uncle Phil climbs to the top turnbuckle and raises his arms, the fans cheer some more. Phil jumps down and awaits his opponent to come out, a steel chair in hand.

Imperial March hits and Sean Masters walks out onto stage holding a trash can.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Ipswitch, England, weighing in at 200lbs, Sean Masters!

Sean walks down the ramp at high speed and climbs into the ring.

Mike Tenay: Sean Masters looks like he's ready to try and avenge his embarrassment from last week.

Tazz: If Uncle Phil gets beat here tonight, it'll be his own fault. He shouldn't have stuck his nose into other people's business.

The music dies down and the two wrestlers are left staring each other up and down. Each one of them has a weapon in hand, and they are just waiting on the bell to be rung to release hell on each other. The referee checks both men and then calls for the bell, it rings and the match begins. Uncle Phil swings his chair at Sean Masters at the same time as Masters swings his trash can. The two weapons collide in mid-air and Sean drops the can from impact. Uncle Phil takes advantage of this and swings the steel chair once more, this time it connects, full on the chest of Masters who falls down to his knees and then to the mat. Uncle Phil grabs the trash can and places it over the head of Sean Masters, he then climbs out of the ring, onto the apron and springboards over the top rope, he corkscrews and tries to land on the trash can concealing Sean's face but Sean moves out of the way. Uncle Phil lands on the trash can, flattening it and hurting his mid-section. Sean gets to his feet and kicks the down Uncle Phil a few times in order to add insult to injury.

Mike Tenay: I have a feeling there's going to be a lot more where that came from!

Tazz: Oh yeah, definitely. This isn't going to be your average wrestling match. This is going to be an all out brawl.

Sean Masters gets Uncle Phil back to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle. With Uncle Phil leaning at the corner. Sean picks up the steel chair that now has a dent of his back shape in it, and throws it at Phil. Phil manages to catch the chair but it was all part of Sean's master plan. Sean runs up to Phil, holding the chair and hits an enziguri. The chair smashes against the face of Phil as he falls straight over the top rope and out of the ring. Sean Masters laughs as he gets up and climbs the turnbuckle. As Sean is climbing the turnbuckle, Phil is already looking for a new weapon under the ring, he pulls out a Singapore cane. Sean doesn't notice and leaps from the top rope, he comes down, trying to hit a standing elbow drop but instead gets a cane across the mid-section. Sean looks to be in a lot of pain. Phil once again goes under the ring and this time pulls out a table.

Tazz: Trust me from experience, when there's a table involved things can only go bad.

Mike Tenay: I think that's Uncle Phil's intentions here, Tazz!

Sean Masters begins to groggily get to his feet, using Phil as support. Phil grabs Sean and rolls him onto the table that he has already set up. Sean just lays there. Phil runs up to the apron, jumps onto the top rope and swings back with a moonsault, Sean rolls off the table and Phil makes sure he doesn't go through it by placing his hands on the table and flipping over it. He lands on his feet and takes a deep breath out. Sean runs at him and hits him with a clothesline. Sean grabs the table and leans it against the barricade. He picks Phil up ready to try for a powerbomb. Phil pushes the table away with his hands to avoid going through it but he cannot avoid taking the powerbomb. Sean laughs and picks Phil up immediately after hitting the move. He rolls Phil back into the ring and looks for a new weapon under the ring, he pulls out a sledgehammer.

Tazz: This is gonna get messy.

Mike Tenay: I can't look.

Sean slides into the ring and lifts the hammer up high above his head. He brings it down but Phil rolls out of the way, Phil hits a dropkick to Sean and quickly goes back out of the ring, he collects a ladder from under the ring and the table and slides them both into the ring. As Sean gets to his feet, Phil sets up the ladder and table. Sean gets up and Phil quickly picks up the sledgehammer. Sean seems to run away out of instinct and climbs up to the top of the ladder, facing away from the table. Phil smiles, knowing his trap has worked, he runs agaisnt the ropes, and on the re-bound, dashes up the ladder without touching the rungs with his hands, he reaches the top and hits his finishing move, the Ricochet on Sean, they fall down and Sean goes through the table with an almighty crash. Phil goes for the pin...


The bell rings and Phil gets to his feet, he raises his arms high and begins celebrating with the fans. Sean lays in the wreckage of the table, unmoving.

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, Uncle Phil!

Tazz: I've got to give it to him, that was a pretty immense way to win a match.

Mike Tenay: That was epic, Tazz! Uncle Phil just got into my fav five!

Tazz: .... Wat?


We come back to ringside for the main event of the night. Justin Roberts once again gets into the ring. The fans are buzzing for the main event to start.

The fans boo as CM Punk walks out onto the stage with Chris DeAngelo. Punk is in front, DeAngelo walks behind him, like a bodyguard. Chris watches as Punk gets down onto one knee and does his usual entrance ritual, before getting up and yelling his famous line, the two then walk down to the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following tag-team match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first at a combined weight of 443lbs, the team of CM Punk and Chris DeAngelo!

Mike Tenay: The Straight Edge Society, CM Punk is the man who brought down this group on PWD.

Tazz: Tonight they'll be taking on the world champion and Jeff Hardy, they better bring their A-Game.

The two men get into the ring and wait for their opponents, Chris DeAngelo climbs onto the apron, leaving CM Punk to start things off in the match.

The fans cheer loudly as Christian walks out onto the stage, the PWD World title around his waist. Christian smiles and points at some of the fans in the audience before making his way down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 212lbs, he is the PWD World Heavyweight Champion, Christian!

Mike Tenay: This man's had a lot of run-ins with CM Punk over the course of time...

[color=orange]Tazz: Well so has his partner, Jeff Hardy. That's what makes this match so interesting.

Christian gets down to the ring apron and waits for his partner to come out.

The fan continue to cheer as Jeff Hardy runs out onto stage, he does his signature dance on the stage and pyro shoots out from either side. He then begins to jog down to the ring.

Justin Roberts: And his partner, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 215lbs, Jeff Hardy!

Tazz: Here comes the Charismatic Enigma!

Mike Tenay: Hardy and Christian have been teaming up a lot lately to take on S.E.S, how will they fair this time around?

The two get into the ring and Jeff Hardy climbs onto the apron. It is CM Punk and Christian starting things off in the ring. The referee calls for the bell. Christian and Punk lock up, Punk pushes Christian into the ropes and then uses the momentum to whip him across the ring. Christian comes back and suddenly stops just in front of Punk, Christian hits an uppercut and Punk falls to the ground. Christian picks him back up and gets him into a side headlock. Punk tries to escape the hold but can't do so, he simply has to wait for Christian to do something else. Christian does, he throws Punk over his shoulder and then runs against the ropes. Punk gets to his feet and is hit with a dropkick from Christian. The fans are on their feet now for the champion, who gets them even more excited by raising his arms.

Mike Tenay: And that's why they call Christian a man of the people, Tazz.

Tazz: Yeah well that's all find and dandy, but what about the stuff that's happening in the ring? Christian needs to focus on taking down the guy that almost took his title away from him!

Christian lifts CM Punk back to his feet and goes for a suplex. Punk however manages to get down, he hits a gut kick to Christian and then a punch to the face, Christian stumbles over to the ropes and leans against them, Punk goes to grapple Christian but Christian hits a punch to the gut which sends Punk back to the middle of the ring. Christian whips him into his corner and tags in Jeff Hardy. Jeff enters the ring and is hit with a clothesline from CM Punk. Punk lifts him back up and hits him with multiple strikes to the chest and head, he follows this up with a kick to the temple. Hardy flops down to the floor, Punk goes for a cover...


Hardy gets back up and Punk does too, they run at each other and Hardy ducks, Punk jumps over him, into the other ropes and re-bounds, he runs back to Hardy who hits a gut kick, followed by a face buster.

Tazz: You're not gonna keep Jeff Hardy down that easily!

Mike Tenay: Certainly not! Jeff Hardy's got a lot of fight in him!

Christian jumps down from the apron as he notices two men running down to the ring holding lead pipes. It is Sean Masters and Zeke Nero. Sean runs right up to Christian and hits him in the face with the pipe. Zeke Nero runs into the ring and nails Jeff. The referee calls for the bell, ending the match in a disqualification. The fans boo loudly as Sean, Zeke, Chris and Punk continue to beat down on Jeff and Christian. CM Punk grabs the PWD Championship from ringside and the team walk out of the building, leaving Christian and Hardy knocked out on the canvas, the show quickly blacks out, un-expectedly as medics rush in...

1x EWE Tag-Team Champion

||Win: 0 | Loss: 1 | Draw: 0 ||
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